Takamine EG510SCLH
Takamine EG510SCLH
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titoufx 08/09/2010

Takamine EG510SCLH : titoufx's user review

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Much has been said about this guitar "made in korea"
preamp, nice finish, nice wood (it douuux: p)
go directly to the suite, which is most important!


the guitar is light, the wood is very nice, it pleases the eye (it is also important, go on, admit it, for most of us: D)
the highs are readily available (thank you cut side!), the mechanics do not move (guitar once granted, even with temperature changes, transport, it does not move!)
the handle is very nice but but but
it attacks the only criticism I have to do: the strings are too far from the handle, at the top: an F strikethrough slammed with extra light strings other than ... so I had to run it through a small passage through the garage (if you're not already know the address in Paris, ask me, p): settings frets ... and there, but happiness!
I do not know if it's just the guitar I bought, or model in general (may be the last solution, given the other reviews)


you can play anything, anything goes! the sound is warm, somewhat serious, it is also an element of choice for me, I love the bass sound.
I plugged into an amp marshall "rotten" for electric and it goes well, by making the background preamp, rolls!


I use this guitar for over 6 months, small adjustments to handle do is happiness, compared to my old Cort Earth 100 ... nothing to his level, comfort level, level finish, touched ...
I tried a lot of guitar (taylor, martin ,...) range slightly above (700-900 €), and frankly, she did not blush in front.
Increasingly, it is the only model I have seen it cheaper than in left-handed (it's nice, albeit not much)
it is on track to accompany me for a long time!
I recommend it to all beginners - advanced beginners who do not want to mortgage their house and who loves beautiful objects!