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G&L Left-Handed Electric Guitars user reviews

  • G&L Tribute ASAT Classic Lefty

    G&L Tribute ASAT Classic Lefty - crixefil's review


    guitar made in Indonesia, with U.S. mail. Standard Telecaster bridge with 6 brass saddles vintage type. one piece maple neck, maple fingerboard reported body in a block of ash 22 frets, 2 pickups straight pins individually adjustable in height 1…

  • G&L ASAT Special Lefty

    G&L ASAT Special Lefty - Ping_88_69's reviewhas images


    U.S. telecaster guitar shape 22 frets 2 pickups G & L Magnetic Field (sounds close to the P-90) 3-position selector + volume + tone Alder body and maple neck (good quality) UTILIZATION Channel end, pleasant, quick and easy access to acute…