Lâg Arkane Matt Design AML100
Lâg Arkane Matt Design AML100

Arkane Matt Design AML100, Left-Handed Electric Guitar from Lâg in the Arkane series.

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Average Score:3.0( 3/5 based on 2 reviews )
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 1 user review50 %
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Gpasdepseudo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Lâg Arkane Matt Design AML100
It is produced by a registered Franaise but cre t in China.
It's a 24 frets (24 frets Jumbo), Micros 2 doubles + 1 single coil PowerMagnet LAG.
Floyd Rose type tremolo
Slecteur a microphone 5-position ergonomic circular, 1 volume and 1 tonalitbr /> Bolt on maple, fixed by 4 inserts mtalliques
(Well everything is just a copy and paste CHARACTERISTICS you will easily find on the net).

For my part, on receiving it, I immediately jumped up kangaroos for joy, because I find the superb design. With a reverse head, she MRIT 10 in Aesthetics! Frankly superb design, well done, it seems to be all-purpose and yet everybody remarked. But the design is not all ...


We begin by ogling the bte.
The handle is trs enjoyable end. Compar my PS4 Performer (Jackson) is the kif-kif donkey, so the good rev.
Access in acute dlicat is because cutting many (trslgrement) CHAC 24me the box. As this is not at all impossible to accder, do not spoof, unless you have a fetal ear.
The guitar is lgre, the 1st thing I did on receiving it is to change the strings. I play 11/52 in C # (1ton1 / 2 lower than the standard tuning) and the 1st nice surprise: I have not put 2 hours rgler strings, something simple grace, a small tension bar up carefully and quickly to spend time on s'nerver bridges. Trs good from my PS4 that does not benefit from this standard. 2nd surprise, the strings did not dsaccordes almost since I played.
When the sound, I plug everything on my Marshall Valvestate VS100R and go my kiki ...


You guessed I play mainly mtal, trash, death and everything that pleases mnagre well under 50 years. Pffouuu the sound that comes out is nickel, would be a better Obviously with EMG 80 and the whole shebang, but for the price, wouahouuu hallucinating! I plug my Digitech RP6 pdalier ... Nickel and chrome is perfect, his heavy, greasy! on the other hand, when I put my Metal Zone pedals ... Houl has the wrong at all!! Chai not seem a little, the sound is too sharp!! While I have everything down in a tone half! I turn the Metal Zone, Digitech has will.
I'll pass on its clear ... And trs is nice, may be a little too mtallique even when not hot enough (from the PS4), but even when it's not bad.
I come back and I try my hand in saturated harmonics, and pfouuu super easy, everything goes by itself. It is almost perfect considering the price at the first attempt.
Over time, has been confirmed.


It's been a week and I really love. This is a scratch simple but effective and for the price there's no better (I found 329).
J'tais surprised to see a notice pluttngatif on this guitar, which for me is near perfect in qualitprix report.
The only problem I would say that is its beauty that is synonymous with fragility. You really have to be careful, she is beautiful and I have no desire that she take pts.
Frankly if c'tait again, I will return with his eyes closed as a scraper for left both chased and the price, gold bars.
I tried a lot of left-handed guitars without being really convinced, but the really is a great surprise. For me it is when even a micro chouilla below my PS4 but must prciser that Jackson no longer produced.
In short, since I have, I'm thrilled!

papasteack's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Lâg Arkane Matt Design AML100
- Made in China
- 24 frets, 2 humbuckers, one single
... Frets badly pressed (but upgraded), microphones original bad (ass), and then, not enough output level and unbalanced ...
- Licensed Floyd Rose bridge
... Metal poor, the bridges are marked by super string
- Volume + tone + 5 position switch
... The switch is fragile, I had to tighten
- Maple neck / rosewood fingerboard, rather late
... Very bad set of original
- Satin finish
... The slightest touch causes a trace
- I had a right-wing nut too, so the space for the string does not match the size of the strings


The original sound is appalling. Stagg better than my original, but no more.
The handle, ergonomics, weight, it's all perfect at least ...
But it took just readjusted / crafts ...


I play metal, in which he has a lot of parts of its clear.
The pickups have a very low output level, the points I had to thoroughly distortion sound for metal ... So, I breath.
I only like the bridge pickup for playing a clean sound.
The three microphones are not balanced either individually or together.


I've had six months. I love it now that I fixed everything that goes wrong, I like it too. I changed the pickups for EMG 81, SA 89. It's perfect, and I love the design, especially of the head. But it remains very fragile.
The value for money is pathetic compared to schecter that make a lot of beautiful models left, and without all these worries. There's really abused. But I like to tinker ...
The design is good, the quality is poor.

With experience, I referrer that choice, but looking first to see if everything is ready, because I really love the design, and also because left-handed, there is no choice at that price .