Squier Standard Stratocaster LH
Squier Standard Stratocaster LH

Standard Stratocaster LH, Left-Handed Electric Guitar from Squier in the Stratocaster series.

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canardpc2002 01/04/2006

Squier Standard Stratocaster LH : canardpc2002's user review


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Core-crafted in
Micro-std std original rosewood handle
Squier-bridge model 1999 (model fender 80)
2-Tone 6-position selector 1vol-standard


Handle very smooth
access to the sharp as a strategic sdt
ergo normal a little heavy
mmmmmmmmm its clear sound OK saturates aieeeeeeeeeee


Yes blues rock
line 6 spider 2 & ross 15 + rgr + overdrive distortion boss boss
is better to seek a clear advantage if you are evil except with PDAL


6 years
First, the least the big bar under the varnish has the slightest scratch incredible
very very fragile on the price + ben
so I chose my purse for me
very very average