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Lighting Accessories news

  • Wholehog MIDI/LTC Widget

    Wholehog MIDI/LTC Widget

    11/11/11 in Flying Pig Systems Wholehog MIDI/LTC Widget

    High End Systems announces a new Wholehog MIDI/LTC Widget and cosmetic changes to other existing Wholehog accessory products.

  • Elation Light Shaping Filter

    Elation Light Shaping Filter

    06/05/10 in Elation Professional Light Shaping Filter

    The new LSF series ("light shaping filters") from Elation is designed to give any LED fixture a wider beam angle.

  • [Musikmesse] Barco News at MM

    [Musikmesse] Barco News at MM

    03/26/10 in Barco DL.3F

    Barco announces enhancements for the DL.3 digital light, the Axon Media Server and the DML-1200 digital light, and unveils two brand new products — the SDI-DMX Mixer Pro and the new “intellaspot XT-1.”

  • [NAMM] Chauvet Xpress-512

    [NAMM] Chauvet Xpress-512

    01/19/10 in Chauvet Xpress 512

    Chauvet's software-based controller has been upgraded so that it can be used with the Mac OSX, as well as Windows 7, Vista and XP.