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Avolites Lighting user reviews

  • Avolites Titan Mobile

    Avolites Titan Mobile - " It runs very well! when it turns ..."


    I use the TM (Titan Mobile) for about 6 months after using the Titan One (usb dongle for Titan 512 channels) to my hand on the soft. Before that, I have not tried a lot of models, but I liked the compact size, while keeping a high number of possib…

  • Avolites Azure 2000 Shadow

    Avolites Azure 2000 Shadow - " good console"


    it's only qq days it is used, but alot of positive reviews we decided to make the choice of the console, after having worked on a VX 1 (kind Scanco without the knobs, very good console) and Showdesigner 512 SHOWTEC. Console which is very ergonomic …

  • Avolites Tiger Touch

    Avolites Tiger Touch - " Fine"


    Very good desk. Powerful, ergo very intuitive, reliable. It is neither better nor worse than the great MA (we also have the MA Lighting), it's just a little different in approach. All the people we welcome the Avolites and who do not know the …

  • Avolites Tiger Touch

    Avolites Tiger Touch - " Lemanime Tiger Touch"


    After working on Sweetlight and have migrated our show since January 2011 on this beautiful console Avolites Tiger Touch: - Easy handling and fast despite a few hours of osculter all menus and functions that abound this console. - The creation o…

  • Avolites Pearl 2008
  • Avolites Azure 2000

    Avolites Azure 2000 - Sens Opposé's review


    Very good console. I use it for 2 years in a small concert and festival. Accs plain and the device functions. Many important effects parameter. I also worked on the big A. This is not like she's scanco Plutt competition, but without the limit…

  • Avolites Pearl 2004

    Avolites Pearl 2004 - Callahan's review


    I used it for 6 months. This console is very intuitive in its use. I had one MaLightning before and the spirit is rather similar. I tried a Zero88 Bullfrog but the winner is obvious. The Avolites is more expensive but very much better! The valu…

  • Avolites Pearl 2000

    Avolites Pearl 2000 - Mystic's review


    I use the console for 4 months, it is natural trs program but also use (APRS finally reading the manual). A must to make the lighting together because you can easily go by feel. This implies a inconvnient, it is almost not found secondhand. Can be bl…