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  • Audio-Technica AT892CW

    Audio-Technica AT892CW - "Good Quality Headset Mic!"


    What I like most about these headset mics is the overall quality and their pick-up pattern. I've used these with a singer / flute player and both picked up fairly evenly and with a well balanced sound. What I dislike is that the windscreen "fuzzies",…

  • Audio-Technica 3000b Series

    Audio-Technica 3000b Series - "Audio Technica 3000 Series"


    I purchased the ATW-3110D wireless system at a local music shop for $350, primarily so I can gig with a reliable true diversity wireless system for my guitar. It is very reliable and easy to use. The LCD screen is bright with all the information re…

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  • Audio-Technica ATR3350

    Audio-Technica ATR3350 - " Small but powerful"


    Buy taken to make its too far from the internal microphone of my camera. (Cable length is very significant) This small lavalier can make good sound. Connect to the line-in jack of my camera or a small portable recorder it delivers a powerful but no…

  • Audio-Technica ATR3350

    Audio-Technica ATR3350 - " Bad"


    First micro such a purchase Thotho to connect on my GoPro before you travel. The Q / P ratio looked good, but once connected, the quality is pretty bad. I do not know if this is the audio quality of the cam is really not good, but after buying the Go…

  • Audio-Technica AT831R

    Audio-Technica AT831R - " Great product"


    Bought two in there, I use this product on a gypsy guitar Dell Arte. Plugged into a power schedule, I register a Jam-man with me and the result (on a Fender amp) is very good. The pros: light - his true level - robust - no feedback (except in fr…

  • Audio-Technica ATW-701/G
  • Audio-Technica AT892CW

    Audio-Technica AT892CW - Niko_ze_senicer's review


    I find this microphone headband quite friendly, I could try them recently on a play, and so far, so good ... it is relatively unobtrusive, and delivers a relatively clear and easily exploitable later, while being strong enough to Feedback I appre…

  • Audio-Technica ATW-0327

    Audio-Technica ATW-0327 - bouret's review


    This unit can receive a microphone, or in my case with the adapter, guitar. It operates in the VHF range around 170 MHz (single frquence not editable) Two powers of Mission Possible. Prfrez the highest, which dj is not far trs. In my case, there …

  • Audio-Technica ATW-3110a

    Audio-Technica ATW-3110a - LoricAccordéons's review


    I use it for 1 year and it's high quality, I make the scene (about 30 dates a year) the system is strong, and good bandwidth, sound quality is respected, I connect with an ATM 350 I have two on my accordion. it's quite expensive but when you play …

  • Audio-Technica PRO 35x

    Audio-Technica PRO 35x - zvoov's review


    I use it for 6 months, bought used. Practice I used to register my gibson archtop. I did not compare other microcravatte but this price there is no comparison. A good microphone is essential prampli (as with all mircos!). I recommend it for the price…