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Peavey PA & Live Sound user reviews

  • Peavey CS 1200

    Peavey CS 1200 - Anonyme's review


    I used this amp for about 2 years with Martin Audio ICT500 and I must say this is an amp not very nervous, I Was disappointed, it is very heavy in the rack you know it's there. .. an advantage it is very resistant you can put him in the face. I bough…

  • Peavey Pro 15

    Peavey Pro 15 - Being vince's review


    It's been a year since I bought the Peavey, and I must say that it is of very good quality from the point of view of quality hearing as robustness. I use them to add sound to my group: two guitars, bass and drums (7 mics) and two vocal microphones an…

  • Peavey Pro 15

    Peavey Pro 15 - Pierreetcharlotte's review


    No pb since I have them. They provide 250watts RMS. …

  • Peavey Pro 15

    Peavey Pro 15 - Dj titi's review


    These speakers are great! The highs are well rendered, the HP 38cm for low ensures good ... I urge you! …

  • Peavey Escort 2000

    Peavey Escort 2000 - yodan's review


    For 2 years I use it, no pb. Great little bike, it all depends what you want to do with! It is suppo lug around a car, it sets up in 5 minutes. With, I give voice lessons, I'm doing gigs in bars, only micro guitar. The sound is what it is, I thin…

  • Peavey Pro 15

    Peavey Pro 15 - camo's review


    I use has associated Pro15 Pro Sub. What I like about this hardware is the price relative to the quality finish, strength! Before I had the JBL and Nexo. The foot with this combination is that for 50 people using the Pro15, and more events you …

  • Peavey HiSys 2RX

    Peavey HiSys 2RX - man''s review


    I use it for two years, and there's no worries, still 3 years warranty I prfere is the way it clap. This is my first pregnant, I had no other since, but all else fails. Good HP, good compression, good mouth, and not overpriced. …