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Bose Loudspeaker Management Processors user reviews

  • Bose T1 ToneMatch

    Bose T1 ToneMatch - "The EQ is perfect"


    The Bose T1 ToneMatch is a 4 channel mixer with 3 microphone inputs, 1 stereo channel and over 100 presets built into it. After about a weeks worth of learning the unit in full, I started to mess with some of the effects and man there are some good o…

  • Bose Panaray System Digital Controller II

    Bose Panaray System Digital Controller II - "fantastik speakers"


    I am a competent DJ and have used several loudspeakers from competing brands. I have used the Mackie SRM 450s and found them to be too harsh. The dB loudspeakers I had tend to be similar but the bass was muddy. The Bose Panaray 802 Series III loudspe…

Translated user reviews
  • Bose 402c Systems Controller

    Bose 402c Systems Controller - " it is in the old pots that made the best soup ....."


    no effect, factory setting coupled with Boses 802 serie2 UTILIZATION very simple, it is lit and Brache ca rolls ..... this system bleuffe autants still "young musicians" who have not known its release ... it sounds good and rough terrain (mid ass…

  • Bose T1 ToneMatch

    Bose T1 ToneMatch - " mixed ...."


    then ... no stereo output, ok, it's nice and it lands on the L1, but given that the L1 system is mono, and although the tone is a single match, it's a shame, because if we took the want to buy a second system L1 to give a little pan, and well you c…

  • Bose Panaray System Digital Controller

    Bose Panaray System Digital Controller - dj's@'s review


    Is not this model I have, but the version I received yesterday II.Je matin.Très Beautiful aesthetic with its blue backlit LCD display and blanc.Très compact, lightweight and flat! Very easy to use, everything is already pre-set for each speaker sound…

  • Bose 802-C II

    Bose 802-C II - Waini's review


    Hello, Can someone please tell me how I should settle on a crossover bose 802 series 2 without a subwoofer; remember what position? 1 or 2 or 4? if one of you has the user manual would be very nice to me send it by mail to: @ b.perrin3 …

  • Bose 802-E Active Equalizer

    Bose 802-E Active Equalizer - soundmachine62's review


    - I use it for 6 months - I love everything about this equalizer is perfect! and I would say even obligatory for Bose 802! a low reboustage very impressive! same for the treble! medium and less aggressive. In this equalizer utilisan you a complete…

  • Bose 802-C II

    Bose 802-C II - sassonne's review


    Handle to open the front of the Bose 802. Simply unscrew the two round black plastic, then remove the media (registration BOSE) which is simply inserted into a central hole, after which you just have to remove the protection applied to the front sp…