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Bacchus Duke Standard : Anonymous 's user review


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Everything has been said by the Taz. Nothing more
A beautiful violin 'hand made'


The handle is quite nice for me although admittedly there are neck easier. Access to acute is ... that of a Les Paul.
The beast weighs his weight, it is quite heavy as most of the les paul for that matter.


This is where things get interesting.
It can connect without effect, clean, sounds are really beautiful, and accurate enough for this type of microphones. The guitar literally vibrates, it's really a thing you notice.
The sustain is very long.
In saturax: ca sent. We can go from singing to "send the cavalry."
The range goes from blues to hard rock, metal is not a problem either (unless my thing). For jazz, I do not know, I do not play.
We can make Gary Moore, the slash (that's what people are interested bcp), but also can be passed ... his own feeling. On the occasion may serve ca :-)
To compare a gibson LP, the duke does not sound quite the same.
the sound of Bacchus is a little thinner, more open and allows a good expression. This corrects for me one of the defects of LP's of recent years: "I send all the time."
But you can also connect the duke on a Soldano, and ... hard ca ...


I have this one month from scratch. I have long hesitated with a Gibson Les Paul.
The Bacchus is hand made. The woods used are obviously very good qualities. The level of production and choice of wood seems to have a good consistency at bacchus.
The finish is unique for me, I finish with brown oil. I feel the wood ... I love it.
What about ...
This guitar is unique and this award ... (1300 euros)
A condition to love his les paul type of course ...