Gibson Les Paul Classic
Gibson Les Paul Classic

Les Paul Classic, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 13 reviews )
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Hatsubai's review"Ugly inlays"

Gibson Les Paul Classic
The Classic was a guitar that was made to help give the higher gain players something to play. The pickups in this are higher output than the normal Gibson pickups (same ones found in the Explorer), and the neck is also thinner to help for those shred lines. The guitar features a mahogany body with a maple top, a mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard, 22 frets, block inlays, binding, tune-o-matic bridge, two humbuckers, two volumes, two tones and a three way switch.


The guitar was pretty good overall. The fretwork on this was pretty solid. The ends were nicely round, and the binding nibs were in great shape. The frets could have been leveled a bit more, but it wasn't anything too bad. The guitar was just the right weight. These guitars are weight relived, but they're not chambered (assuming you get one at the correct point in time). People confuse the two all the time, and they're not the same. Gibson has been weight relieving guitars since the 80s, so it's hardly anything new. I find that it doesn't really affect tone that much, either.


The pickups in this are pretty good. The bridge pickup is a 500T, and it works great for metal. It's a high output ceramic magnet pickup, and it really crushes with a metal amp like a boosted 5150 or Recto. You can get some of the best rhythm tones ever heard with this pickup. Normally, I'd complain about dynamics, but the 500T is pretty good when you turn it down, too. It's not the best, but it's better than, say, EMGs. The neck pickup was a bit too bright for me, and I had to keep the tone knob turned down all the time. One thing I would recommend is replacing the pots with high quality 500k pots to make sure the pickups are seeing the correct load. I believe these come stock with 300k pots, but I'm not entirely sure.


These are probably some of my favorite "bang for your buck" Gibsons. You can get these at a great price used, and they're generally pretty good. The inlays look hideous, but aside from that, the guitars are some very solid players. I recommend looking into them if you're searching for your first real Gibson, although some will disagree with me.

Hatsubai's review"Hotrodded Gibson"

Gibson Les Paul Classic
This was the first Gibson I ever personally owned. It's no different from the Standard other than it has some aged inlays and the 500T/496R pickups. Everything else about this is basically the same. For some reason, people tend to avoid these guitars and go for the Standards. They claim that the Standards are higher quality, but I'm not sure I believe that.


I quickly found out that I'm not a fan of the Gibson feel. After playing strats all my life, the Les Paul felt really foreign. It was very back heavy and a pain to sit down and play with. The neck was always sticky on my guitar, even after treatments of 0000 steel wool. The frets also weren't perfectly level, so achieving the action I wanted was nearly impossible. However, I played one in the store, and it was much better. Because of that, I'm not giving it too hard of a hit on utilization.


The 500T is a really ripping pickup, and it sounds great in the bridge. The 496R is too bright for my tastes, but that can be easily fixed. The biggest problem is that I think these guitars have 300k pots. It's like the volume doesn't go up enough or something. Once you replace the pots, the guitar really seems to come alive. Clean tones are decent, mid gain tones are good and distorted tones sound really crushing with the Classic. The fact that it came with 300k pots makes me rate it down a bit. I mean, that's just ridiculous. These guitars should come with 500k pots.


If you can't afford the Traditional, I recommend checking out the Classic. It's a bit more geared towards metal heads given the 500T pickup, and it tends to go for a bit less than the Standard. It's hard to recommend the current Standards given that they're now chambered. The Classic is weight relieved (just like all Gibsons since the 80s), but it still weighed a ton and sounded huge. If weigh tis a problem, you might want to look to an ESP Eclipse, but it won't sound the same.

Rockmonster's review

Gibson Les Paul Classic
Gibby Gibby Gibby. Made in the USA. Goldtop. 22 frets, Tune-o-matic bridge, "aged" (greenish) inlays, 2 volume, 2 tone controls...60's slim taper neck (SWEET). 500T bridge and 496R pickups...
This is the classic Les Paul look. Perhaps one would prefer mother of pearl inlays...maybe Grover tuners instead of the old Kluson style... but this is still a Les Paul...through and through.

I made the following modifications to my guitar... PRS Dragon ll pickups..with push-pull coil taps and a Gotoh aluminum bridge...and Graph tech string saver saddles to replace the G,B,E strings....But..I DO remember what it sounded like will base this upon the original incarnation of this guitar. This is a legend. Has to get at least a 9 for "Icon" status..


Great neck. Built for speed. Maybe not as fast as an oiled maple neck Ibanez or Music Man..but ready to rip. Compared to some of the sculpted heel set or bolt on necks (great modern innovations, for sure) and neck thru body guiars, the access to the highest frets may be a struggle.. especially if you have small hands.. The heel is definitely a dovetail joint with a bulky heel...You still have access, but it certainly does not compete with the modern engineering we guitarists enjoy today. this is a guitar yo play for the vibe. Ergonomics? Who cares. It is a Les Paul. Classic rock sounds. Anything from Les Paul.. Jimmy Page.. Gary Moore.. Zakk Wylde. Especially with the hot ceramics the classics carry.


Suits my style. This guitar... can really play anything except for quacky funk. Fat jazz, blues,rock,heavy rock.. metal. All of it.
I use this with a Boss GT8...Voodoo Labs Preamp... Digitech GSP 2101..VHT Pitbull 50/12 2-12 combo.. the list goes on. Right now I mostly run it thru the Voodoo Labs Preamp with a Carvin T100, and 2 1-12" cabs with Eminence Cannabis Rex speakers.. sounds sweet.
When I had this with the original pickups, I was running it into V30 cabs and thru my Digitech preamp... this was a bit shrill... but the original pickups through Greenbacks or some other smooth toned speaker would be great. Sounded super thru the P50's in my VHT combo. Nice and fat. The Bridge pickup(500T) is very very high gain. Easily overdriven.. but not too opaque clean... kind of an oddity really...the neck pickup (496R) is fat, fat fat. Really a wonderful high gain rhythm pickup. Yngwie runs with lots of gain are no problem here. Just bring ability. You will be rewarded with fat,clear tone. Favorite sounds? Hmmm.. it had lots of great tones. Blues are yummy... heavy rock.. super for heavy rhythms.. with smoother speakers, very good for lead lines. I have had a constant struggle walking the line in the search for "my" tone...always looking for a mixture of Eric Johnson and Randy Rhoads.. lol.. Good luck, right?


Had this guitar for 7 years...2001 model. Love the vibe.. feel.. look. Nothing I truly dislike about it. Have tried and owned many, many guitars.. nothing but a Les Paul is a Les Paul. You don't need to try anything else to know you want one.Value... ha ha ha. These guitars are not a "value" per se... Unfortunately, there is the status symbol element to buying one. So.. there are technically better guitars for less than half the price. But..they are timeless instruments for a reason.
Would I make the same choice... hmmm. Let's put it this way... I will always own at least one Les Paul while I can afford it.
MGR/Rich Benson09/06/2003

MGR/Rich Benson's review"Gibson Les Paul Classic"

Gibson Les Paul Classic
Having lusted after a Les Paul ever since i started playing, a new found financial freedom allowed me to finally relegate my Epiphone from its stand to its case. i went for the classic because i prefer the tone of its p'ups to the standards and i love the vintage aged vibe. the fact that it is roughly 200 pounds cheaper only sweetened the deal! i paid 1150 pounds for it at Peter Cooks Guitar World in Hanwell just outside of London. This included a beautiful Gibson case plus a load of Gibson stuff (polish, strap leads etc.)

Through my Marshall combo it delivers classic Les Paul tone every time. further to this, a wide range of tones can be conjured easily, this guitar is in no way a one trick pony. i have the treble p'up set with tone on 8, volume 10, and the rhythm p'up has volume 6.5 and tone on 7. this results in lead sounds pushing the amp into creamy overdrive and cleaning up nicely with the neck p'up for rhythm. middle position has both p'ups live and provides a very useful middle ground.
the look and vibe of the guitar are pure gibson and this instrument just oozes quality. the nitro-cellulose finish is just stunning!

i cannot fault my gibson! i am happy with the look, sound, construction and the price!

built to a very high standard, we all know that gibsons will last for a lifetime and only continue to sound better and better.

If u are in the market for a Les Paul, dont hesitate. If u are in the market for a quality guitar which is ideally suited to blues/ rock styles, but is also very versatile, then look no further.

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NicoMetal85's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The best Gibson Les Paul solo and hardcore / metal"

Gibson Les Paul Classic
Made in USA! GIBSON but it's not ^ ^ ... the legend

Channel Type 60 ', for those who understand it, bah 60' are for little fingers, stick thin, flat great for rhythm and solos to shred

22 frets with the neck pickups 496R and 500 t in Chevalt! Most powerful among Gibson ceramic boot! perfect blues, big metal (same config as the Flying V!)

2 volumes, 2 Channel tonalities


super nice! it is far from the profile 50 which is a log but not suitable for small and doights solis endless! I sold an Epiphone Zakk Wylde because I could handle most of its 50 '! long live 60 '!

Guitar quite heavy but it is not death either! the weight is with sound! vla sustain allied with great pickups!

Access to acute correct for a Les Paul and pleasant with the handle 60 'which I'm in love ... I even sweep of fun! (Rare on a les paul

We get it "THE" with her! not need any arguments! plug it into a ring!

I made the hard


80 ', thrash, death metal, blues .... and everything was going wonderfully seen the super violin! I use it with one of my group of hard 80 'STEEL RANGERS coupled with my head Mesa Boogie single correct .. ... There is nothing wrong! harmonics hissed and direct the bends and riffs crazy!

The neck pickup (496 t) is great for blues or solos like Slash

Clearly, put the mic intermediate position (the 2 at the same time) and you hallucinate so beautiful! with the weight of the beast and the wood used no surprises!


I use for 1 month! Bought on "THE GOOD CORNER" hand! my dream for 15 years I am the guitar! Super with trapezoid pearl buttons green! I got to 1100 € repainted red by a luthier in mint condition!
The investment is worth it! on the right corner you will find when they have 1200/1300 € € 2500 in Valle ... this model is no longer afraid and I unfortunately never find it crazy but still sell it!
I assure you that the handle is better than the Gibson Les Paul Custom and Standard with microphones that can do everything with high output!
Now it will be the perfect complement to my Les Paul Vixen GIBON! (I also recommend the killings of scratches!)

feel free to request information by mail to the gibson! I 3 ^ ^

gibsonclassic's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Classic
manufactured by the cowboys!
Volume 2 microphones and 2 Tone
frets and neck as in the photo ..


the handle is very nice, I can not do without ..
the access to the treble is a little less ... bha .. yes, necessarily!
it is heavy (I like it!), the weight is well distributed
sound, it's a gibson bha ... no?


I play a bit of everything, but it did the trick for old pop rock, hard rock and metal songs qq. concern, it is sending mircos sauce thoroughly ...
I always play with my old digitech rp3 ... and a hi watt 100 w


I've had 10 years ...
it has not budged a bit, but its sounds are beginning to assert themselves ... .. yes I play!
I tried at the time a signature G Moore (too full) ..
bought 1200 euros and bananas ..

burton51's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Classic






Try and give advice on a Gibson is my view unnecessary and forcment biased ... you must try these guitars personally exception that can inspire as dcevoir .... For my part test that gibson has reduced my bank account, but what a pleasure to be humming this wonder in a small orange or mesa .... and then a slap in the living room as dco ...

vikrockeur's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Classic
Gibson Les Paul Classic, United States
22 cargo micro hambucker 490R in the neck position and 500T in the bridge position.
Horse Tune-o-matic.
4 knobs (2 volume, 2 tones) and a 3 position selector micro.
mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard, 60 type slim tapper
mahogany body, maple table.
Beautiful finish that you can see in my profile photos.
box comes with a molded interior "imitation white furs"


Then we are in the high-end!
The handle is really a drop, end, fast. Of course we always blame the difficult access to the last frets but I do not think it's so horrible, I enjoy to do as Slash has completely put my guitar vertically.
The weight is quite high but not unbearable, it does not bother me at all, I compare with my gibson sg, okay you can see the difference but the less we feel this guitar!
The sound is really a drop I understand Mr. Page, Slash and many others that we adopt this guitar, the sustain is huge! play a harmonic, go make a sandwich, come back and have no finite harmonic ringing. The ceramic pickups have a really high output, the sound is mind-blowing distortion, a rather pretty clear without being the beautiful clear sound stratified or telecaster of our dear colleague fender.


It is perfect for my styles of music: I am very blues, rock, hard rock and I can say that in these styles, she knows!
I use a Marshall vintage modern 50 watt all-tube, mixing the two make an explosive cocktail, a vintage sound the way I like.
kind of sounds like I said it's mostly vintage:
Clean it in a rather pretty clean and crystalline in the bridge position and very hot in the neck position.
In crunch and distortion is pure his gibson.
In short how to decide between all sounds as beautiful as each other!


To conclude this guitar is my baby, I pampered, I'm singing a quick bomb! I am a 400 percent satisfied with this guitar no fault!

fj94's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Classic
Made in US, MODEL launched beginners of the 90s in response to multiple requests to return to Gibson sleeves thinner profiles (type 60s MODELS)
Body and handle all mahogany table in rosewood Saddle ond touch with old trapzoides taken the most beautiful effect. Aesthetics honeyburt finish is beautiful: the type of object you want to display in your living room day and night ...
2 humbuckers originally Cramique 496 R and 500 T, 2 volume pots, 2 tone, 3-position switch 1 ... what a classic ...
Gibson Heavy Duty Case, a taste pouvantable (fur pink "Barbie Coffin" The indoor) but ... some Manir, it's part of the myth Gibson ...


Channel fabulous, it is the opposite type of blocks sleeves 50 'a majority of Arequipa Les Paul Standard or Studio. Little hands will have no worries!
Access in more than adequate acute
Guitar quite heavy, but it's still bearable (especially to think of straplocks!)
In between, the sound is l. .. Even if the microphones can be changed (I did) the original ones are correct, however they lack the usual velvety Gibson; These microphones are cramique sharper than usually Arequipa alnico Gibson, one gains in output level but loses DEFINITIONS and roundness. It will rev well for those seeking a particularly hard rock "muscle"
But it is not my case, so I opt for a micro Gibson 57 Classic neck and a cot Dirty Fingers (also Gibson) in acute l. .. and it's killing total. It does not touch the myth, we are in the thick of it: that is oriented at ds blues / rock / jazz / pop. This is the top in terms of heat clear roundness, smoothness in severe heat and EHJV in acute ...


IDAL is for styles that are mine (evokes above):
but not only. It is quite funky play (position intrmdiaire, jazzy in serious, etc ...
I use it with a "small" LANEY lamps (CV 15) with an additional speaker VOX 212 (2 of 15 bowls! ") With effect in a Marshall Regenerator (chorus / flanger / phaser / leslie) and pedals Schaller tremolo (no need for overdrive crunch the quality of the channel of my Laney VC15 combo)
The whole gives a rsultat roll over!

But be careful, changing microphones seems to me fundamental to approach the top, ca determines everything I just evokes above, in which case you will have the hands a Les Paul Custom, with a handle much easier!

I put in 10 of 10 microphones Reserved changes that I did or I would have been 7 to the original configuration.


I have to purchase US 2 years ago, it dates from 1995. I paid 1300 euros (shipping and customs included)
I have my 4th guitar (Squier Telecaster, PESP Aria, Gibson ES 135). This time it's good! I do not spare! With microphones changes made, that is a marvel!

DyerMaker's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Classic
Gibson Les Paul Classic
mahogany body with maple table, mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard 22 frets
Micros type hambucker 490R in the neck position and 500T in the bridge position.
Chevalier Tune-o-matic nashville
1 pottar of Volmer and a tone and a micro switch 3 positions
60 slim tapper neck
Honey burst finish


The slim handle tapper is a real wonder. It allows a particular game without the hands of Boucheron.

Like any Les Paul, access to acute is correct, the last frets are accessible with ease.
I really like the Les Paul shape and in weight I can not find it too heavy. Yes it is a little heavier than my old Epi but not yet sent to me Physio: o). The only negative is the position in ergonomien fastener straps, a little daredevil (she gave me two little terrors). But only with locking fasteners are not able to solve.

The sound of the scratching is amazing for the hard rock blues records his fate almost alone. To sound a little clearer s'atarder requires a bit on the settings.


I play blues and old rock and this scratch is perfect in both areas. I also iutilisé sonorotées on some jazz and it is suitable, the moment you take time to adjust the sound.
At home I plugged into a Marshall MG-15 DFX (This is great for finding settings and train without getting fired by his neighbors). By repeating it depends on the amps in the studio.

All types of sound are present in this skyscraper. Given the power of the microphone, it is easy to sound crunchy and little that is by increasing the volume of saturation and distortion. The sound is very hot on the 490R. The 500T is very clear and incisive, which can also shout loudly. The mediums are present.

People say that the pickups are too then what prevents the clean sounds. I found a good clean well just by playing on the volume of microphones.

I am an Unconditional, and I love all his sounds.


An old dream come true. This is just scratching I was waiting in his in addition to look fabulous.
The price is more affordable than a standard, which has roughly the same characteristics. The sonnoritées are comparable, so why pay more?

If it again, I would say, probably!