Gibson Les Paul Custom
Gibson Les Paul Custom

Les Paul Custom, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

Jean Nau l'Olonnais 09/17/2012

Gibson Les Paul Custom : Jean Nau l'Olonnais's user review

«  An instrument of legend ... who wins! »

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Usual characteristics of a LP.
Regarding the specific model, it is white with black triple binding, the hardware is gold, the microphones are 490R and 498T humbuckers ... and the oysters are large rectangles.

With regard to natural wear: beige varnish turns fast enough, the golden leaves room for the rigging of the silver chafing ... it slips nicely with the game Question of view, but I find more and more beautiful.

This is very subjective, but for me it is simply aesthetically perfect, this is THE guitar! And it is largely for this "aura" we chose this guitar.


Gibson Les Paul, it's been! So I'll just remember the aspects that must be overcome to tame the myth:

This is a guitar heavy, we feel that it has been on the back :)
The patent (beautiful!) Glue a little at the rear of the handle.
The angles are not saving the right forearm.
Access to acute (from the 15th fret) is complicated.

This is really not a guitar "comfortable", or a bear, or play!
And installation of ... straplocks is simply indispensable as the size of attachments is ridiculous.

But right before his meme talk, we forgive him these details immediately as we feel that the object is held between the hands is not a simple guitar ... It's hard to describe, it was love at first sight or not :)

I had heard of problems holding agreement certe, but after a very légé shot at the lime of Sol nut it has been exemplary.


I'll avoid the pile of superlatives .... But p .... n! this sound, this sound .... this is beautiful: ')

For a brief description:
The microphone is particularly acute flattering saturated, there is a real grain perfect for all styles of Rock. Volume 10, tone 10 is Gibson's big!
The microphone is more suitable for serious cleans sound is round, it is soft while maintaining a true presence. Here the tone control makes sense, it is very clean.

Overall, it was a fat and rich. To imagine the weaknesses, the sound is not enough for slamming funk, and not accurate enough for metal.


I use it for 3 years, and I'm never bored. Difficult to crack for another guitar after this one.

I was on a Ibanez JS100 forward, easy to play relaxed. And honestly, the week that followed the purchase of the Gibson made me doubt as the difference in comfort was huge. But after this adaptation time, hard to go back ... What a pleasure to play, what sound sensations!
Another black spot, I was not far from discomfort when completing the check ... I still have cold sweats.

But hey, this is THE LEGEND, it deserved: a little muscular shoulders, is forgetting rash on the forearm, we eat potatoes for a few months, and a serious Gymnastics hands for access to Acute ... and it is finally adopted.

Being reasonable, there is necessarily better or cheaper ... being reasonable. But how regret purchasing this kind of jewelry: D!