Gibson Les Paul Custom
Gibson Les Paul Custom

Les Paul Custom, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

cmoa83 01/02/2008

Gibson Les Paul Custom : cmoa83's user review


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So my turn: it is an old bed damme of 1970 color of wine and gold acastillage
guitar mahogany and ebony fingerboard US / mother of pearl boxes 22.
Flat handle section and 1 / 2 Round crasis enough.
almost flat table without Chanfrain
Gibson pickups, 2 doubles ... uh ... I do not know what the. no vibrato.


The flat handle section and 1 / 2 round enough crasis provides a real joy when you walk around.
The ebony fingerboard / mother is a delice% 20for% 20the% 20doigts. ( http://delice%20pour%20les%20doigts. )
Although it is not the tuning for years, a frieze does not even rule action with a low trs.
Although trs old, the varnish does not seem to sch during sessions prolong aparaissent fingerprints in the varnish, but a funny thing ... do not cole. ??
access to the treble is not the best.
lack of Chanfrain gache on the table a little comfort and grip as it is Paisse: 5cm against just 3.5 for my Parker
sitting and playing fairly galley, it stings the nose easily and quickly you end up slumped over, standing more problems ... except .... uh scoliosis that goes with it! lol but with a good wide strap well ... more problems! lol
it is heavy, but certainly it is a treat and sounds! even a vacuum is fun to play with.


This old damme has received some modified electronic. 2 more international help split the pickups or the cross. 7 positions in any
which give clear sounds beautiful. trs warmly, but crystal-clear round or trs ... in all cases well-defined trs.
sounds too saturated trs are good, not drafts. but trs typ gibson ... I can not define a sound but its a gibson .... it! for more modern sounds, and the handle faster using my Parker. .. but I come back to fawn all over my Les Paul because it sounds better anyway, and with my preamp (prophesy) it addresses many styles.


guitar United States in 1970 bought a grip of cherry (cherries heu. .. 3) there are 5 or 6 years
trs guitar type sounds ... even a vacuum. It's heavy but it is happiness.
I bought other gitar (jackson, Godin, Ibanez RG and sword, parker, yamaha, peavey I've sold ... except the gibson ..
Certainly, it's upscale but g tried other premium brands and did not sound as good and bad feeling so should really be no magic in this skyscraper.
But the magic that pays money and the guitar is not the door of every budget.
(Except the super RARE good deal like mine found in an attic.)