Gibson Les Paul Custom
Gibson Les Paul Custom

Les Paul Custom, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

fuzzstone 05/12/2007

Gibson Les Paul Custom : fuzzstone's user review


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Well, it's a gibson, then recess made in United States, for the characteristics of the machine, everybody know them by heart .... And for those who'd forgotten:

- Mahogany body
- Table Maple
- Grover
- In neck Mahogany
- Ebony fingerboard 22 frets
- Tune-o-Matic
- Micro 490R alnico neck double + double 498T bridge pickup
- 3 position selector
- 2 volumes + 2 tones
- Gold hardware

the model of 2005, comes in a flight case stamped custom shop classy, ​​with certificate of authenticity.

could chippoter the choice of microphones but we'll get later ...

Just one caveat, this skyscraper has two years and the hardware begins to have a dirty appearance (like dive anywhere .. yuck ...), turns white creme (y'en who loves good .. but when 'we bought a white skyscraper that is not found with a guitar vanilla!) and varnish tends to make funny halo .... on the table for scratching a 3500 zoros hum ... um ...


Well, the handle is really comfortable ... no way ... it hangs a lot, I knew better on a standard 90's.
access to acute is good, but not whopping passes without too much problem (all scratch to us any day we want to buy a guitar riffs over chained them without much problem then .. (Clapton, Page, Beck , Richards), ergonomics is against nickel to my liking. perfect form, heavy weight, but not bad (well I like those who think it's going to n'on heavy ibanez ...).. . ... a timeless classic

To the question "do you get a good sound easy?" be answered: have you one good performance with a ferrari?


And here is the chapter for which you buy a gibson (custom or else for that matter ..).
One can quibble about the time that Gibson's classic climbs couple 490R/498T present on half of its cataloque a rape that want the Premium (would not that the price ..) but just the connected and all is forgotten!
we're not added to the sound, this guitar sounds plugged into anything!
cube of 30, Marshall MG30, peavey 5150, Orange Rockerverb 50, jtm30 marshall, the sound is very good at worst (MG30), the most sublime (orange Rockerverb)!
As for wondering what the sound of the Les Paul, and many listen "Beggars Banquet" of stones, "too much too soon" for Dolls, etc. ..
Just know that you can play everything on the rapier, the cushy country to the heaviest metal with ease and without multi digital effects and other thing supposed to improve your sound.
for short here are some tests done with my JTM 30:
- 490R + channel clear his jazzy, not a disorder (such confidential gainsbourg)
- 498T + channel clear: country, blues, folk ... (the integral of Creedence Clearwater Revival)
- Boost 490R + channel / gain at noon: rock seventies (Electric Warrior T Rex)
- 498T + Boost channel / gain at noon: hard rock and roll (Led Zep, Guns, AC / DC ..)
- 498T + boost / gain was 10: Hard & Heavy (Metallica, The Stooges Fun House, etc. ..)

Wholesale merchants and other distortion overdrive not sell their stuff to those who can not buy a Les Paul Custom is so unfair ..

to be objective about the rating I would say 15 out of 10 ... and I am serious .....


This guitar belongs to the other guitarist in my band, buy new two years ago, and it is often true output to heat lamps to warm an amp in flight case, I have been able to measure How fast this beautiful skyscrapers that tarnished the cosmetic point of view. damage seen the selling price ...

mechanically against nothing wrong, the knobs do not spit yet, the mechanics are good tuning, the pickups howl as always, short on that side, that of happiness.

So here, on the one hand you have a piece of rock history, a sound entered the collective unconscious, the master of rock standard fat, short, a legend ... the other a scratch after all, not so well done that (I'm not talking about the quality of wood ...), but the rest of the defects that can not forgive an epiphone Chinese (like the hardware that this pic .. hmm .. re . info for my Riviera made in Korea which has yet the same age has no impairment of the 10th and gibson is no better maintained.) varnish that some defended by saying that it must maintain, blah blah .. and and
HEY! it is not a rock'n'roll guitar museum piece to showcase (quoique. ..).
And yet it's seen it all, despite all this, well, a quality / price ratio deplorable, day or my abilities allow me, I would sign the check for 3500 euros with both hands ... and whistling in Whole Lotta Love more!