Gibson Les Paul Studio 50' Tribute
Gibson Les Paul Studio 50' Tribute

Les Paul Studio 50' Tribute, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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relicroy4444 10/07/2010

Gibson Les Paul Studio 50' Tribute : relicroy4444's user review

«  Hmm ... yes, must see! »

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Order in Music Store in Cologne, why? Ctait the only store that offered a reasonable price but still with a dlai dattente one two months. In fact, two weeks after my order the beautiful Cherry Red mtait book! For the Gold Top and the Honey Sunburts dlai him yet elongated sest: December beginners

Shipping by UPS 24H tip top, hyper-packaging being protected no risk of breakage! Bravo

Aprsdballage discovery of this famous 50s Tribute

Oupsss what lgre! Half the weight of my Greco Les Paul Gold Top 82! There are some who love them (yes, yes, jai names!) But I, despite my back compote, I need some heavy! jai limpression den get more for my money :-)
Visual first impression, um, I'm javoue a little. It seems a little cheap. The varnish is worn as trslgrement us by time. Cest cest manner and fashion so ... Nothing to do with the wood flame aaaaaaaaaaa, varnishes brightest, classy and binding laccastillage dor but good, "we knew that. For the price it should not be dreaming too

Deuxime printing, finishing lengin. The word, the frets are well poses and does not bulge out of the handle. No strings do frieze and laction is perfect (I still lai trslgrement down but cest staff). Laccordage goes well and Linton is just.

Troisime Print: sound empty. OK, the beast sounds good. The body makes good vibrations quite sound. In keeping the sound of each string is dtach. All this bodes well for the future.
50s forced the handle is in the style baseball bat This should Plutt well my big feet Dour. Its a race to Madame Dhomme (in any property, honor!)
Enter the heart of the matter and we plug in the first amp that falls into my hand as if by chance this will be my Fender Deluxe 65
Clear sound, volume 4, not have any effect, dry anything! (Well obviously talking fawn). Houl cool guy, its kind of P90 are powerful, more than my Greco anyway. 5-6 and the volume pot has a little crunch dj, one enters the world's Paulien.
A 9-10 cest very strong and if I want to preserve good neighborly relations I have to calm myself!
Pdalons, pdalons (E. Merckx) A little rverbe jenclenche then the Tube Screamer (Robert Keeley modified) 11H Tone, drive and level 14H 10H (yes, the neighbors ) Yes is does! Cest much a Les Paul Gibson U.S., and a real
It drools, has attack, bite and Jimmy Page is the ct of his ZZ Top and all the lights of the genre (Clapton sloigne but not serious, I will make him tantt shots on my Stratocaster blues history back to Earth (Every Day Every Day I Have the Blues)
Now go on the Night Train VOX mode 7.5 watts. Rverbe some, but not pedal circuit thick and volume gain 15H 12H!
Yes the cest disto all floors: Hardos, mtalleux, punk and heavy-jen password.
OK, bof, its not really my trip menfin cest fun! As Clapton takes more and more mouth and the neighbors have become very aggressive, and rude carrment mchants, hop, power-off and give our ideas in place. I restyle, I put the guitar on his foot and waiting to catch my breath I look. Hmm ... on balance I like it this guitar, I feel I laime dj.

While the Les Paul Tribute 50s?
Bon ben cest as for a new relationship: a must see if going to hold!
It was not bad Datoutie: the mouth, sound (thank you P90), it is very fast in her hands and she is very pleasing to play. Cest dj not bad?