Gibson Les Paul Smartwood
Gibson Les Paul Smartwood

Les Paul Smartwood, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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All user reviews for the Gibson Les Paul Smartwood

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 2 reviews )
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MGR/Anonymous's review"Gibson Les Paul Smartwood"

Gibson Les Paul Smartwood
£750 including a gig bag at Scayles in Edinburgh

The neck feels great, just the wood opposed to the painted and vanished neck of most LPs. The body is thin and relatively light, but when u plug in you get the pleasent surprise that it sounds like the normal heavy LP. Comfy contoured body. Fantastic sound, v. good for blues and rock especially.huge range of variation by adjusting the pick-ups, tone controls etc.
The wood look is amazing. Fantastic!

the thin body-fat neck at first is rather daunting but after a minute of play it is great.

The sound comes from the multi-ply woods allowing a thin, comfortable body and a great sound from a guitar which wont break your strap. Or your budget, amazingly cheap for a real LP!!! The pick-ups are the same as a £1200 LP and are fantastically versatile. The neck pick-up provides and lovely warmth, yet doesnt 'muddy-up' when the gain is turned up. Great action.

Any chance you get buy this guitar! Please do yourself a favour! Only a couple hundred over a Epiphone for a real Les Paul which is far superior to any guitar i have played.

- - - Festoon - - -

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Gibson Les Paul - Smartwood"

Gibson Les Paul Smartwood
I bought this guitar on e-bay for $700. I was a bit worried buying a guitar like this, but I got lucky. I don't think the guy that sold it to me even played the guitar once - it was in mint condition.

I was looking for a Les Paul, but didn't have $3000 to spend. I thought this would get me in the front door at least and I'm very happy with my purchase.

This guitar is light, so your back isn't aching after playing it for hours. The construction, as with all Gibsons, is top notch. It looks great with the satin finish, plays like butter and sounds freakin awesome. A friend of mine has a PRS and loves the sound of this guitar compared to his.

The 2 things I don't like about this guitar are present on all Les Pauls, so they are not restricted to just this one.

I really don't like the location of the rythm/treble switch for the pickups. When playing you have a tendency to hit the switch.

Also, I don't like the bridge setup when changing strings. Whenever you change strings you wish you had 3 hands since part of the bridge moves around.

But, Gibson has sold millions of Les Pauls with these same configurations, so I must be one of the few that dislikes these 2 things.

Solid - great construction and great Gibson quality!

If you can find this guitar used and for a good price it is a fantastic buy. I'm not sure I would have paid the $1500 for a new one, but if you can get it close to half that price you will be very happy. Great way to get a Les Paul without all the $$$$.

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