Harley Benton L-450Plus
Harley Benton L-450Plus

L-450Plus, LP-Shaped Guitar from Harley Benton.

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All user reviews for the Harley Benton L-450Plus

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 6 reviews )
 5 reviews83 %
 1 user review17 %
Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Excellent
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vidroczky's review"Good, but needs some TLC"

Harley Benton L-450Plus
I'm always use TH program, running on a PC, and choose 'Guitar Hero' preset for this solo

Of course, the intro was played with neck position pick up, and the solo with bridge. :-)

This solo was played by user preset, it's hard to tell you the details :-(

In overall, the guitar looks great, and sounds great (Thanks to Wilkinson PU) but there is some buzzing here and there, and some imperfection on the finish. But it does not matter for the prize.

Mahogany body
Set mahogany Long Tenon neck (three piece with scarf joint)
REAL maple cap
Beautiful AAA veneer
bounding all around the body, and neck
Wilkinson PUPS
Made in Korea switch

poor tuners
mini potmeters
lack of set up and fret finishis
artificial mother of pearl inlays

That's all. Anyway, all in all, it's a great deal for the price, better then Epiphone Studio, almost Epiphone Standard.
Fink Ployd10/30/2014

Fink Ployd's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent price / quality ratio"

Harley Benton L-450Plus
Vintage Series
The Style
Mahogany body
AAA flamed maple top
Mahogany neck
Neck Shape C
Scale: 628 mm
Nut Width: 43 mm Thomann
Radius key: 350 mm
22 frets
Benchmarks trapezoids
Nets body and handle
Adjustment bar (Truss Rod) double action
2 humbuckers Wilkinson V MWCHB
3-position selector
2 volume controls
2 tone controls
Mechanical style Kluson
Deluxe chrome hardware
Color: Honey Burst high gloss


Handle relatively thin, very nice and easy to play. No need to adjust delivery (fluke!). Significant weight, more power to sustain!


Very good performance of micro Wilkinson, especially the bridge pickup for saturations. Between modern and vintage.


Guitar that I liked to have started! The appearance is neat, the guitar is very nice, not seen defects. Just for that price the quality offered is amazing. I enjoyed myself with, I sold there are few (with some regret) to a good friend who wanted to put on the electric guitar and has a great deal.

strathamer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent!"

Harley Benton L-450Plus
It is a Chinese guitar whose price / quality ratio is pretty amazing. The body is mahogany, the neck too (set neck) with rosewood and maple (not veneer, real maple). The table is in two parts on mine but the body is in 4 parts. It did not take him to sustain the contrary, it lacks nothing. The table is really pretty.

The pickups are Wilkinson who do well the job. They have their little character, a good density (often microphones cheap guitars sound hollow, this is not the case here).

The only weak point is the Mecas, they play but they still hold good agreement. There is absolutely nothing to change the purchase.

Some kinks very serious but not finishing is a skyscraper at 148 €, hence my 8/10 which is to take proportionately.


Although very nice touch dry at the reception shaft. A little bit of Lemon Oil and the problem is solved.

A tone setting and action were good and we understand that we have to do it yourself for the price.

It is enjoyable to play. The form is the actual form of LP.


I play blues-rock, rock, hard rock and manages everything. I plugged in a Blackstar HT-60 on a cab Artisan 412. It sounds very correctly. She did not blush to guitars that cost ten times the price even if it does not equal. In the blind test, I'm sure deceive guitarists ...


Price / quality excellent, even unbeatable. It was a real guitar that sounds in his hands. Personally, it was a test without believing and I do not regret my purchase. I'll serve as a basis for customization. I made a test video you can see here if it tells you:

A + ;-)

SlapKid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Money sidereal unbeatable!"

Harley Benton L-450Plus
Mine is a hb for Honeyburst, absolutely beautiful, flawless finish.
The handle is a bit smaller than my epi SG400 pro, but made the same.
Medium frets, although nothing GRAILLE raised paw.
Course set neck, vintage mechanical but keep the agreement.
Siouplé wilkinson pickups (like on the guitar les paul vintage brand sold more expensive), and the icing on the cake and split they are if you want (4 more bare son)!
Welds are ok, selector knobs and a notch below ear.

The paint is glossy and does not stick to the legs as in Gigi (indeed I did satin as the home for this reason), a delight to play.

The back and neck are dark brown translucent, very nice. Compared to photographs of the site the gradient is more subtle, it really is honey orange, not yellow-red. More true class.


It weighs his weight, it is a real one will say (my lp studio to make pokey side).
The ergonomics are typical, well, a guitar that allows the game to the fingers (plenty of space between table and microphones) and is well balanced sitting game.
Perfectly suited to beginners so.

The sound is fast, hot, very good sustain, but this is really not a scoop!

What always surprises is that with the two volumes to zero the two microphones set is also cut, must know what is normal.

I do not like the location of the switch, I moved smoothly.


Good mics, more hard rock than blues rock, so rather aggressive with biting / spicy.
Three very usable sounds, no noise, it is nickel.
I had alnico in stock (blues saraceno) for it, I like more roundness I will install but beware it is only a matter of personal taste, original is fine.
What's cool with lespaul is that installing a push-pull for coil option simply can all play with.
It is very flexible, and stroke volume gives two separate options on the distortion channel of the amp (like neck pickup rhythmic little gain, and bridge the adonf celmars), proven recipe!

Of course we have a lot to gain by installing quality knobs, jack ditto, and push-pull (and small capacitor magical pot volume), its level.
Given the ridiculous price of base why deprive yourself?


Amazing, and I work not for Toto.
However, my last epi (sg, sg pro les paul std more) are very good resistance to double the price only, we can assume that Toto does not dumping but only through choute.
A guitar of this quality at this price is unheard of!
I will update if problems arise only (as I change the pickups it would not be appropriate to speak of sound), thank you for reading.

jopop's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" EXCEPTIONAL ....."

Harley Benton L-450Plus
Manufacture of Asia, certainly China
handle perfect playability, 22nd access box ok
Nothing to say, the handle of a pro .... ditto its VERY BIG SISTER.
2 microphones Wilkinson humbucker ... same configuration as the big sister.
For me, one of the best copies, if not the best .... here is only my opinion, but I assume.


A LITTLE HEAVY, like its big sister ..
MAHOGANY wood requires ... Like its big sister
mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, pearl markers ...
best for sound, sustain hell.
Already empty she sings well, but as soon as you put him in the ass amp ... décoiffe here ...... Is not compare with his big sister, if you want true sound of Gibson .. you buy a Gibson, if you want the Fender sound, you buy a Fender,
No, she's at it sounds, well, sounds L450 HARLEY BENTON is a Harley Benton, and we can be proud of.


rock blues jazz varieties .... if you know how to play, and everything goes smoothly
no comment other musicos, you do not have to sing ... the price here distort their judgment (not expensive ... so the stew) when they ask me the price .. I says anything, 800 , € 1000 ... and here goes, I replied "yeah, it sounds good ....


I for 1 month before I was playing with a TELECASTER SQUIER, I always ... it's different, but here I am bleuffé by Harley Benton L 450 Plus, this is something else, over body, presence, precision .... actually more PRO. Some say this is a guitar for beginners, with it, I may be beginning to the end of my life
My first guitar 40 years ago, it was a jaccobaci, half case (type E335 GIBSON) it was well OK, but fragile, was badly agreement, etc. ... and yet at the time it was very dear, when I compare it to my L450 HB, there's no picture today, there's exceptional equipment at low prices. So for me, an unbeatable value for money, and again this choice, of course, I'll even order the E 35 HARLEY BENTON (gibson copy of the E 335) and I'm sure I would not e disappointed.
It seems that the latest Chinese manufacturing is improving and close to perfect all niveaux.De more buyers give very favorable opinion .. should not say too much, here may raise prices.

Makos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Lottery ticket ... WINNER!"

Harley Benton L-450Plus
Chinese copy of Les Paul, sold under the brand of German mail order trading Thomann.
Identical in all respects to Les Paul (measurements, wood, microphone position etc.).

Mahogany body (3 pieces) with flamed maple top (known as "AAA")
Mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard
Mechanical vintage tulip type (piercing 9mm)
Chrome hardware
Wilkinson vintage style humbucker pickups
pickup rings and pick guard-cream
2 volumes and 2 tones
Gloss polyurethane on all


The ergonomics of Paul ... we like it or not. Slight imbalance of the instrument to the body due to the weight of mahogany.
The handle is very nice, not as thick as the Vintage series from Epiphone or Gibson, a little more than the slim 59 of the same brands.
Otherwise, access to the bottom of the handle, position of pot etc ... A Les Paul.


I hastened to remove all plaques hosting electronics to inspect that could offer a guitar at this price:
- Pots and condos, no doubt, minimum service. But no cracking or parasite. The pots have a good progression.
- The Wilkinson humbuckers sound good. They are also splitables but have not been installed on this splités guitar, electronics upgrade could fix this. For comparison, they are at the height of GFS pickups, Vintage Style 59 (Exeunt perhaps the same factory?). Enough with a medium level of correct output and an interesting definition. Clearly, the sound is well defined with an emphasis medium - medium / low. Passed by the saturation of the amplifier the sound is engraved with a drive correct. Mid-range with a vintage character assumed a quality above the Epiphone pickups mounted on the base set "standard" and "studio" ... for the price, it is more than adequate.


Play the lottery ... it's a bit like when you go to order a guitar at this price. Attractive in image and description. Moreover when just split an excellent Epiphone upscale and we want to continue to play Les Paul. This was my case. I played ... I definitely won.
How can they do to provide such a guitar at this price? For unpacking no surprises. Mahogany everywhere, curved flamed thick table, microphones correct mechanical fittings and basic but effective, straight handle, impeccable polish, No frets which pull the hand. And once set, I get an action 2/3mm to 12 boxes without frieze.
This "small" guitar is anything but ridiculous, it is unequivocally comparison possible with an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus. It for less than half the price! Product appeal as they say, surely that Thomann not earn much on it. I have come down on the right show? Are all finished like this? I do not know. In any case for me it was "gage ticket!" Note reflects the quality / price ratio.