Bongokid 01/02/2009

Ibanez PF300 : Bongokid's user review


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Japanese-made guitar dated 1978
Super Micro 70 'humbuckers
3 poistions tone switch + additional phase inverter


Channel pleasant but a bit thick, les paul style
access to acute limited by the shape of the guitar
very heavy guitar, equal to the Les paul 70 years
its wonderful, warm and bluesy with great sustain


Perfect for blues, rock, it lacks definition saturated, unless you use the switch inverter pphase, which makes the sound sharper.
Can be described as the sound of the whole rather bold with a nice depth and a long-term notes held


I use it for two years and is the best guitar I could try, better than Gibson bcp. Not comparable with Fender in sound, different qualities. I think the equal of the Gibson custom shop for a price less crazy!