Vintage Icon V100
Vintage Icon V100

Icon V100, LP-Shaped Guitar from Vintage in the Icon series.

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MGR/Mike 12/22/2003

Vintage Icon V100 : MGR/Mike's user review

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I paid £180 (english pounds) for this beauty. As you already tell i like this axe! I bought from Dawsons as my first electric.

The Guitar is Tobacco sunburst, although it looks more like Honey burst, which is a good thing. The gold hardware sets the piece off nicely. The finish is Deep wine red at the edges melting into a creamy gold centre (sounds like a chocolate bar, and is just a sweet), without bothering with a quilted effect. The selector switch is sturdy and faces the right way up, which is suprisingly hard to find on a guitar of this price. The frets are smooth and easy to slide with and inlayed with pearl trapezia. The whole unit is cream binded, which i like, and at the end of it's fixed neck the headstock has an abalone gold brand name, set off nicely with gold tulip tuners (beware i have been warned the gold fades on the tuners, though i have noticed none). The guitar is a heavy mofo, adds to the quality, you get used to the weight. The strap buttons are solid, as if they were carved from the same peice of wood as the guitar. The sound, the guitar can produce beefy sounds, harmonics and raw riffs, the whole shabang. Sounds great, quite clear and bright.

The only disslikes so far? Maybe the neck is too "50's", too chunky. Dont get me wrong this can be a bonus for rhythm guitarists, but i prefer to solo and lick about with my axe, so i prefer a slim 60's neck. And the the Lovely finish is marred slightly by the wood underneath, the grain is very fine, almost invisable, i like a visable grain to the wood. This is in no way a knock on the unit, just one of those things you have to deal with, doesnt effect the performance, and you have to look closley to notice but nobody does that. One last thing, the tone pot (positioned underneath the bridge pick up)catches slightly on the surface of the guitar. This wont effect all models though just an unlucky pick. It doesnt catch enough to tear paint off, just over turning may result in scratches on its beautiful finish. Thats it. The likes outway the dislikes.

As i said, the quality is fine for the price. Solid, heavy and hard-wearing. Nothing really to add.

This is a great guitar. The quality is superb, it sounds brilliant and the niggles are minor. The best guitar for under £200, anywhere. Great for beginners, even better for intermediate, but a pro may finds more dislikes. I'd give it 4.75 but seems as i can't its 5 all the way. It rocks, it looks good, it damn cheap, no wait it's inexpensive not cheap. But don't expect perfection, just like everything.

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