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Mackie DLM user reviews

  • Mackie DLM12

    Mackie DLM12 - "Flat out awesome"


    The Mackie DLM12 has a 12 inch LF driver and a 1.5 high frequency driver. There are 16 effects built right into this speaker with a 2 channel mixer. That is why this speaker cost so much, but the features make it well worth the money. You will also g…

  • Mackie DLM12S

    Mackie DLM12S - "Plenty of low end"


    The Mackie DLM12S has more than enough low frequency drive to give you a massive and heavy sound. This 12 inch powered sub woofer has 2,000 watts of amps, you can mount it on a pole if you wish to do so but you will have to purchase the pole separate…

  • Mackie DLM8

    Mackie DLM8 - " test dlm mackie 8, pros and cons"


    I have tried 2 times dlm 8 at home, not because already live down after an hour, i test my setup to return to live in the country trad folk duo style, small and medium long room, rarely outside, so the goal was have an element, not two, my voice low …