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Mackie FRS user reviews

  • Mackie FRS 2800

    Mackie FRS 2800 - " good amp"


    used for 3 years. I tried other amps plx1602 series such as QSC, Chevin A1000. less soft than the QSC and cons a little less punchy than the Chevin (not the same price!). no worries for powering Sat. I have used it to power 4 DAS 12 in …

  • Mackie FRS 1300

    Mackie FRS 1300 - " quite correct"


    Two years ago I use it occasionally as a complement rather than 3 QSC. I basically concur with the previous opinion except that I paid much more expensive. However, I notice a big difference in power between a use 8ohms and 4 ohms. power seems to be …

  • Mackie FRS 1700
  • Mackie FRS 1300

    Mackie FRS 1300 - stephane837's review


    <em>Jait received the mackie frs 1300 of tests Wednesday all evening without 6h bronchus in 8homs without problem FRS amp decoupage purchases in the first test ocs ok the fan is noisy but runs faster than the standard amp there are two yes f…

  • Mackie FRS 1700

    Mackie FRS 1700 - Furykane's review


    How long have you use it? 2 weeks What is the particular feature you like best and least? This is a good amp, but ventilos really make too much noise and it is because I am Gnant musicians (bass). The Beringher I had before (and still works) …