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Mackie PPM user reviews

  • Mackie PPM1012

    Mackie PPM1012 - "Compact, but use it with good PA speakers"


    I purchased the Mackie PPM1012 in a package that came with 4 microphones and two monitors. The PPM1012 is a high quality but still compact mixer that has 8 mono channels and 2 stereo channels. It has a small supply of effects and some graphic equali…

  • Mackie PPM608

    Mackie PPM608 - "Portable but still sort of heavy"


    The Mackie PPM608 is a very portable and small mixer. This is the type of mixer to have if you need to have a lot of channels to work with and still need some good compression. There are effects on this mixer that are pretty decent for it being a sma…

  • Mackie 808S

    Mackie 808S - " solid, compact, what Mackie!"


    How long have you use it? bought new in 2002 She did plutt Successful Aging by a knob that cracks .. Have you tried many other models before acqurir? I bought a Yamaha amplifier much bigger but not as powerful .. What is the particula…

  • Mackie 408S

    Mackie 408S - itaque's review


    Easy to use, easy to transport. Its correct, powerful enough for a rock band playing in the roads. But two problem: it was announced but as 2X250 watt 2ohms: So buy 4 boxes in 8ohms for full power, or two boxes at 4 ohms but this is rare. For singing…