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Mackie SA user reviews

  • Mackie SA1232

    Mackie SA1232 - "Mackie SA 1232"


    Ordered direct from Mackie. These cabinets were designed by the team at EAW. The clarity is unsurpassed. Everybody walks in with the same initial reaction: I don't know if this is going to be enough gear and where are the FOH EQ's? Nothing Built …

  • Mackie SA1232

    Mackie SA1232 - "Mackie SA1232"


    Guitar Center. Paid $3400/Pair. Clarity. Absolutly Amazing. It Takes everything our band can dish out and then some. Nothing Mackie Builds Everything like a tank. A Little on the expensive side but well worth it. We tried so many other brands and…

  • Mackie SA1521

    Mackie SA1521 - spartiate300's review


    Hello, mackie 1521 A are exceptional both indoors and outdoors. Large rooms or small rooms they are fearless. It has been nearly five years since I toured with and it would only need that I will be forced to part with it. They have a peach of thunder…

  • Mackie SA1232

    Mackie SA1232 - Show Time's review


    I use these speakers since late 2004. What I like about these speakers is found throughout the sound spectrum. Real low-impact, powerful mediums, non-aggressive and treble tags. I use them with the 1801 boxes (4 boxes and 2 columns) and fran…

  • Mackie SA1532

    Mackie SA1532 - sm78_fr's review


    FYI, I have not but I could listen in good conditions. Here's my analysis: in sound I was pleasantly surprised by the performance and quality of the medium. The voices are beautiful. A little too dominant for my taste. After using an equa to calm 1kH…

  • Mackie SA1521

    Mackie SA1521 - zephyrin's review


    I use it for 3 months with 1801 SWA is the butcher !!!! Attention to the ears ... and forget to filtered ... …