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Maestro user reviews

  • Maestro Stage Phaser

    Maestro Stage Phaser - moosers's review


    The Maestro Stage Phaser is a vintage pedal that can be used with any electronic instrument. I've only got experience using it with an electric guitar, but I can definitely see it sounding good for a Fender Rhodes and other keyboards, and perhaps ev…

  • Maestro Echoplex

    Maestro Echoplex - moosers's review


    The Maestro Echoplex is an analog and vintage echo box.  This isn't your typical piece of outboard gear, but it does have 1/4 inch connections for input, output, and the foot switch.  This isn't rack mountable at all as it stays in its own box. UTIL…

Translated user reviews
  • Maestro double manche

    Maestro double manche - " a monster in a guitar"


    Hello everyone, So what I saw is made in the USA by Gibson plants but with less finish the REAL Gibson (which seems logical to me). Regarding microphones, there are 5, 3 to 6 strings and the handle 2 to handle 12 strings. These are all simple…

  • Maestro Echoplex

    Maestro Echoplex - bpier's review


    It's a tape echo and reverb that produces echoes. It is clearly seen analog age. there are several successive models: the EP1, EP2 and then sold in the 60's. Both were tube (for the second 6EU7 2 and 6C4, the first I do not know). Followed th…