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Magix Audio Cleanic user reviews

  • Magix Audio Cleanic 2013

    Magix Audio Cleanic 2013 - " I'm disappointed! this opus!"


    Installation is easy! & No problem! No incompatibilities with saves at the microphone! for enrechitré in reading the Audio Cleaning, problem happens!, his walk at all, I am very disappointed! this opus! The manual is clear, but not enough! for me…

  • Magix Audio Cleanic 2008 XXL

    Magix Audio Cleanic 2008 XXL - Anonyme's review


    The instalation what happens as a letter in the mail ... Nothing to say. No conflict. Program so easy. A manual?? Demo of the tutorials are more than enough. AMD Athlon 64 5000 + Dual-Core (2x2, 5 GHz) / M-Audio Audiophile USB / Everyth…

  • Magix Audio Cleanic 2003

    Magix Audio Cleanic 2003 - goldfish2's review


    -Installation a breeze. -No problem of incompatibility up Submitted. -Configuration gnrale easy even for live recording from an external sound card. I have not read the manual (that is to say the clarity of the interface ...) * Motherboard: …

  • Magix Audio Cleanic 2003

    Magix Audio Cleanic 2003 - charlatan transfer's review


    Simple Installation PC Pentium 4, 2.4 GHz, Windows XP No problems running No crashes on this application Used for 6 months for transplanting the old K7 records or reporting of Minidisc. Its interface is enjoyable to upload, process and expo…

  • Magix Audio Cleanic 2004 Deluxe

    Magix Audio Cleanic 2004 Deluxe - Titi35's review


    I bought this software to redo a small health care vinyl that I possde. Installation is no problem. Its use is explained not with a manual but with fairly well-made video. That said, a person familiar with the techniques of the DJ's will fully us…