Mesa Boogie Studio 22
SeriesMesa Boogie Studio 22
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Mesa Boogie Studio 22 user reviews

  • Mesa Boogie Studio 22+

    Mesa Boogie Studio 22+ - " Simple and Effective!"


    Lamps 22w RMS amp class A with 2 channels 7 lamps! preamp & power speaker 12 "Black Shadow Vintage Electro-Voice Reverb + Foot-Switch Settings: Gain / Master / Master Lead / Trebble / Bass / Middle / Reverb / Presence 2 outputs 4 & 1 ohm 8o…

  • Mesa Boogie Studio 22

    Mesa Boogie Studio 22 - Roo's review


    Tube amp 22 watts (mésaboogie) Volume, master, lead master, treble, bass, middle, reverb, presence. A foot switch lead / rhythm Power and Standby 2 4 ohm output, 1 output 8ohm, fx send and direct. So far it's light ... UTILIZATION Th…

  • Mesa Boogie Studio 22+ Head

    Mesa Boogie Studio 22+ Head - tchango's review


    All Tube Amp (marked "Class A Power" on the rear panel), 2 and 5 12AX7 EL84, 2cannaux switched feet, dlivr to 22W, but beware, it's stroides watts, I will discuss later. On the front we have the basic Master Volume (Gain in fact), Bass, Middle, Tre…

  • Mesa Boogie Studio 22

    Mesa Boogie Studio 22 - mac tilloy's review


    It dja Describes rook1 by any lamps a.30w class reverb the hp is a vintage black and it's shadow. mine is a 22 and not 22 +, but I do have one more legalization, a5 bands that can activate or not and who works for the channel saturated. UTILIZA…

  • Mesa Boogie Studio 22

    Mesa Boogie Studio 22 - LeMikou's review


    It is a power tube amp average (studio, personal or work plan showing off a little riff to play Metallica APRO before friends!) With all the SETTING THE base and pedals for change channels. Simple and effective. UTILIZATION Super easy to use. Any…