Line 6 Toneport KB37
Line 6 Toneport KB37

Toneport KB37, MIDI + Audio Keyboard Controller from Line 6 in the TonePort series.

All user reviews for the Line 6 Toneport KB37

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 12 reviews )
 8 reviews67 %
 3 reviews25 %
Audience: Anyone
Guitar Stuffz03/11/2020

Guitar Stuffz's review"Great for starting out"

Line 6 Toneport KB37
I was in need of an audio interface back in 2018 and stumbled across a used Toneport KB37 for $80 couldn't afford it right then but I did reserve it for later purchase. Got it home and since I hadn't used an interface took me awhile to get it working but it worked fine mostly in the end. It features great feeling keys that are pressure sensitive, 4 knobs and buttons to control stuff inside your DAW. It also comes with many 2 XLR inputs and 1 guitar input. Overall the actuall product is great for starting but I do have a few issues with the knobs for volume control which I think was caused by the previous owner it takes me afew minutes to get the volume to even work has to be in the right place to even output anything from the XLR input. Same problem with headphones output would be 100% satisfied with it if that wasn't an issue but overall I would highly reccomend it to people starting out just make sure to ask the shop or whoever to see if you can test it with the headphones and XLR volume knobs.

JeffTadashi's review"The recording interface that does it all!"

Line 6 Toneport KB37
The Line 6 Toneport KB37 is a usb recording interface that does it all! It features 37 midi keys with pitch and mod wheels, expression and footswitch controls, transport controls, mic inputs with phantom power, stereo line level inputs, guitar input with pad, headphone and main outs, and that's just the hardware. I use my KB37 for various recording, songwriting, and production projects, and with this piece of hardware, I can recording and work with pretty much any instrument except drums.

It also features great Line 6 software, with includes their signature guitar amp models, bass models, and vocal preamp models. Also included are guitar pedal effects and studio effects, and additional models can be purchased as well. Best of all, there is zero latency monitoring when using the models. which is perfect for recording guitar. Under normal recording circumstances with guitar amp emulation, there is a slight lag, which can definitely affect the recording performance on faster material, such as guitar solos.


Generally, Line 6 hardware is very easy to setup, and it especially works well on Windows systems, which isn't always the case when it comes to usb audio interfaces. Notably, I've always had driver problems with Tascam audio interfaces working with Windows, when it seems their main support is for Mac OS. But I've never had driver problems with Line 6 hardware.

Line 6 has their own update software (Monkey), which helps detect and properly register all Line 6 devices, authorize purchases, and download the newest drivers and software. It is very centralized, very well supported, and Line 6 puts out new software updates with new features on a regular basis. The KB37, specifically, is an older device that has been succeeded by the POD Studio KB37 (which, feature wise, is almost identical), but I would expect Line 6 to create new drivers if, for example, Windows 8 comes out.


Overall, the Line 6 KB37 is one of the few pieces of musical hardware that I use every single day, and I would recommend it to anyone who has a smaller, personal studio setup. It is one of the most versatile usb audio interfaces I have ever owned, and I would easily pay double than what I paid for this hardware. It even sits perfectly on the middle of my desk, between my monitor and my computer keyboard. And with all the various equipment and computer changes that I've been through, the KB37 has never moved from it's spot on my desk.

Exxi3's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Machine to do everything"

Line 6 Toneport KB37
Having a Pod, a small keyboard and a usb sound card all in one :-)

Midi keyboard 37 keys
. 2 XLR mic inputs (with phantom power)
. Guitar / bass input
. Stereo line inputs and outputs
. Digital output S / P DIF
. Stereo headphone jack
. Analog VU meters
. 2 sockets for foot switches
. 1 jack for expression pedal
. Buttons to select memories and transport
. Wheels pitch bend / modulation
. 4 assignable controls and buttons
. Comes with the recording software "Ableton Live Lite 5 - Line 6 Edition" and therefore operational seconds after unpacking
. Hardware and software compatible with most popular recording software for Mac and Windows and allows to work 44.1/48kHz (16/24 bits), while offering compatibility 96kHz


The touch keyboard is not Fatar, obviously, but enough for basslines and solos with one hand.

The manual is quite clear and comprehensive.

The config is done exclusively by the software, and the beast must be plugged into usb to work.

The general use is easy.


I since its release, I do not use anymore since I have a lot better (and really expensive) now

To my knowledge this is the only keyboard / guitar emu / soundcard natively
but another mini keyboard / sound card with a good guitar emu would equally software, see better (Guitar Rig 5?)
From secondhand at a good price I would buy it again. Good quality / price ratio.
mk is watoo08/14/2012

mk is watoo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Compact & Full"

Line 6 Toneport KB37
Extensive connection, software ... ditto


Great ergonomics, huge time saver because you win in place, cables ...
I could turn my Zoom amp simulator, and its power supply, my mixer and my master keyboard ...

The only flaw: sometimes the driver & plant, if the sound still works, the midi keyboard is sending more signal. We must then restart the computer. However, this only happens if I stayed on the computer all day and that if I made the net, of computer music, etc.. This has never happened to me in a serious session of computer music.


I've had it 6 months & it has simplified my life to home-studiste. When I want to play an instrument, I just have to take it, nothing to plug in or turn ...
I was also pleasantly surprised by the sound of the mic preamp tone.

A great value, especially for me who bought it secondhand :).

gegeguit's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Reliable if there is gaffe"

Line 6 Toneport KB37
I use at least 10 years GuitarPort is still in the catalog, I think. I also have the POD 2, bought used, but impeccable.
Don, a brand that inspires confidence.

For orders Midi, I use the series of NanoKorg. Plus a second MIDI keyboard, and everything works.
Well, if you want to add a guitar live with PodFarm, it is better to build on a quadcore PC (or Mac?).


The keyboard, not bad but not great either. This is not the specialty of Line6 but the day they released a KB49 or KB61 in collaboration with a manufacturer of keyboards and a real opportunity to use more than 2 simultaneous audio voices, let me know!

The config? Now, install the driver, test the latency in the sequencer and play ...


I have since 2009. So, it's reliable. It makes the road, but always packed, because yes, it 'plastoc "but by making careful, it is. Connected to an Asus dual core, 2GB of memory, a control Ableton Live with a sling load of VSTi + Reason in Rewire.
XP, of course, I gave up Vista for latency issues ... random. Ah, good old XP that have zikos hard to leave! There is no latency (256 or 512 ... if I load too).

Good value for money.
As I said, I expect a more focused after "On the Road"

Jumikael's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Toneport KB37
For connectivity, it's pretty complete and well explained below.

What motivated my choice, a budget was not huge, but the desire to record in good conditions, and then, why not try my hand at the VST MIDI keyboard, by now I expect it . I took it in hand.
The plastic side of the machine does not shock me, and I bet even strength.


Well, except that it never touched the computer music before I was always quite confused.
Fortunately Line6 Monkey software support for all the updates, even if they are long, and do one by one. I was not convinced by the ASIO driver of the machine, so I installed Asio4All I recommend to all. That said, others seem to experiment with any latency with the driver of KB37, so to see ...

I use it on a NetBoot, a copy of the MSI Wind (Advent 4211): 1.66 Ghz, 2GB (I added 1GB), 80GB hard drive, well, it works pretty well. Note that the cons by cpu has trouble when I activate the mode "Dual" of PodFarm, to run two amps in parallel, or when I load level modulations and effects.
As far I can run my sequencer, recording and vst guitar at the same time without latency or cracking.

What about if the keyboard?
I have a beautiful upright piano at home, and of course the next toy is KB37. Well, I want to say, so what? it seems pretty solid, the touch is not bad (I'm far from a purist at the same time), and sometimes the most basic materials last longer than others: for example look at the Emu X-board , winning by Audiofanzine that drop to a year after ...

Oh yes on the other hand, no user manual with, fortunately there is internet. But even there, we would have preferred a manual dedicated to the product rather than the full range of the Toneport Pod ... Some good advice here ( ) , especially if like me you use a laptop.


I use it for a week, occasionally it's worth, nine on the other hand I might be taking something else (or not), I'm sure he can be as interesting to take a Toneport UX2 with separate keyboard if you really do not like the hit "plastic". It may even be advantageous for another sound card, but do not forget the sound quality that Line 6 is not for nothing in the reasoning of the purchase;)

Brief for now, at this price (used again), I do not think I found something better, and I would do I think this choice.

And I forgot: it still has a good head ToneportKB37 this;)

cidcol's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Toneport KB37
versatility, Gear Box, Maw vintage making my friends laugh and makes them cry when they hear the quality of his Gear.


being new to the use of a home studio, my opinion on these matters will be what it is in my nieau. The keyboard is using the touch (light, far from an electric piano) but corrected with the effects of hardware live6 ableton.
it connects and it runs (if you know a little drive on live6 ableton)
ableton live manual is more useful for a beginner because it is the Amazon.


I use it for 2 weeks I'm always on. With my bass, my guitar, my voice (ISIS) and the sound is top thanks to the power supply phantom48v of KB37.
the sounds + Guitar, bass, vocals regable at will thanks to the gear box stuffed with a preamble and direct connection to the net that gives you access to a bank's "blackjack" (but really damage guitar)
-comes more from the ableton that if we want to fully optimize need to buy software to sample and operator 150euro room. But it does Ableton.
the ratio Q / P is great for any sound card with the purchase does not offer as much quality software.
I spent a month on any forums computer music and frankly I was convinced by the usefulness of the product. I do it again exactly the same choice.

krick75's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Toneport KB37
For technical everything is on the site or in prior reviews.
It is very complete with 2 XLR phantom power supply, in line 2 ... Plugs into USB


The touch keyboard scared me but actually it is not bad as long as we keep in mind that you not buy a heavy touch with Hammer ... Seriously that's okay.

For configuration, you plug -> playing. it is done alone. Very good with soft, Gearbox is lovely and Line 6 Monkey will search all the updates for you. It's very well thought out.

Very easy to install


I just have it.

I love the compact, lightweight, transportable his side. It has a very nice design, be practical it is powered by the USB port so that's wire and take less ..

for now I do not really less, may be the slightly plastic and to be truly comprehensive MIDI in / out ...

Report qty / price excellent, what do you more at this price?

This is truly a portable home studio ... you can even dial in a train car or a car is so well designed ... and it sounds!

Well, I never let an opinion but that I really liked, and being as possesseurd'un pod 2 line 6 I think it provides.

Kochisa's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Toneport KB37
See other reviews


Touch ok, not dsagrable
config very simple, is a most
no manual
installation Finger in the Nose
just to rgler latency that is a tad more complex as the ASIO drivers of the beast gave me bad rsultats between 6 ms and 19 ms output at best (APRS can be n ' do I not seized tt)


Frankly I know that this world of home studio is very random image and depending on so many paramtres a lment can operate more or less
but I find that really suits me
I have a good machine (Core 2 Duo E6750)
I added the drivers asio 4 all (those of the bte taient not up to standard latency)
and I end up with a super stable machine with 3 ms latency
I win the tps in my work, I pass an instrument to another, more son that never end, and all this in a space so small trs
output level preamps a little weak, especially between the bass instrument, but good overall we can achieve good feedback, tight deadlines and then paste it in the ass a preamp (Joe Meek 6q for me much better to catch bass, for example)
gear box is not bad, but hacking is plenty to do with my personal strat behind some presets sound very honest

I wanted a home studio easier for me (I have a more volumes down to the cellar) and frankly I thank you for choosing this, suddenly I do not work nearly as one of the most, everything goes like clockwork and I am still surprised to have so little galer long as it lasts!

prprprpr's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Toneport KB37
I had a dj studio full, but I was looking for an interface "portable" to work on holidays and I do not t's. The KB37 is fed only by the USB (advantage: no transformer plug --- inconvnient: watch the life of your notebook battery when it is not religious sector). One could quibble about the weighting of the keyboard but for the price, there is and would probably add ballast weight. For CHARACTERISTICS: see website line6. Everything is fully consistent with the dscription so no surprises.


Trs intuitive, I have not even opened the doc.
prcdemment as said, the keyboard could be a ballast, but does not impede me. I use it with garageband having updates downloads the update provided on the line6 site to grate noon.


If you like or know the Line6 product, you will find the same philosophy of various formulations of stuff that frankly are varied and compelling trs little we prne the time to carefully rgler . The site offers hundreds of patches Tlcharger your artists prfrs (Anglo-Saxon 99%) and those who want to learn is a wealth of information.

Concerning the quality of formulations line6: see pltore opinion on the matter.

excellent qualitprix