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E-MU MIDI Controllers user reviews

  • E-MU Xboard 49

    E-MU Xboard 49 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by barbilux/translated from Audiofanzine FR) I was looking for a compact keyboard to play my hardware and software synths (I already have an 88-key model). This keyboard provides after touch (very good) but I miss a bre…

Translated user reviews
  • E-MU Xboard 61

    E-MU Xboard 61 - Zlhanh's review


    I was looking at starting a 49-key keyboard, already having 61 and looking for something more practical. I finally took it for quick access to keys cranberry is a right of knobs. Powered by the USB bus. UTILIZATION These buttons (depending on t…

  • E-MU Xboard25

    E-MU Xboard25 - " Yeah, what bof"


    Award money. The price it's going, quality, blah mouais what. My first midi keyboard and useful to learn. UTILIZATION The touch is crap for what I can tell. It bounces, springs squeak Wriggle selection keys, the knob of "volume" is useless in…

  • E-MU Xboard 49

    E-MU Xboard 49 - " Good Value for money"


    What characteristics have motivated your choice? - Presents knobs, aftertouch, design What connector (MIDI pedals ...)? - USB on the pc + Sustain Pedal. UTILIZATION The touch keyboard is it nice? Should your use? - For a price, that's wh…

  • E-MU Xboard 61

    E-MU Xboard 61 - " Excellent keyboard master"


    Calvier 61 master keys. Pitch and modulation wheels to the left of the keyboard. USB connector, MIDI out, pedal / footswitch and external power. Display blue (3 x 7 segments). 16 knobs, 16 buttons recalls preset, 4 buttons zone on / off. It has …

  • E-MU Xboard 49

    E-MU Xboard 49 - " Distrust"


    The price used for a keyboard of 49 keys UTILIZATION Touch correct for this master keyboard and a good price conf's not easy at least in my opinion I may not be best placed in this area! No manual cd but with apps that do not work either?? …

  • E-MU Xboard 61

    E-MU Xboard 61 - " Well designed"


    A-Pitch A dial-Modulation MIDI-Out -USB output Entry-pedal (not included, but at this price ...) -16 Programmable buttons -16 Patches -61 Keys with Afertouch! UTILIZATION The manual is ... What manual? No need, once recognized by the PC, i…

  • E-MU Xboard 49

    E-MU Xboard 49 - nan3200's review


    What technical specifications motivated your choice? Everything has already been said What connector (MIDI pedals ...)? ... UTILIZATION nothing but the Proteus X ships with bowls and bowls of sounds worth the trip. OVERALL OPINION everyt…

  • E-MU Xboard 49

    E-MU Xboard 49 - Ari Ara's review


    RE-edit: I ay is a key that does not work anymore ... I took it because it has the two knobs, knobs 16 and it is simple, there is the aftertouch or no frills. I pay 149 euros price level thus leaving it silent little prs like other manufacturers,…

  • E-MU Launch Pad

    E-MU Launch Pad - Docteur Frog's review


    Whoever worked on an E-Synth Keyboard or E4X K has long become used to grind the faders edit sounds and controls of all kinds. Happiness. But a day comes when the keyboard (such as fragile in Emu) presents malfunctions or "Chao bertha" and there is t…