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M-Audio MIDI Pedals user reviews

  • M-Audio Sp-1

    M-Audio Sp-1 - "Works fine ... but it's noisy!"


    I have used this pedal with plenty of keyboards of different brands and have never had a problem to make it work. The only downside is that the mechanism is noisy: Every time you press the pedal you hear a loud "clack." It's not a problem if you play…

  • M-Audio Ex-P

    M-Audio Ex-P - "affordable and long lasting"


    The M Audio EX-P is a great MIDI pedal and it will work with all of your M Audio MIDI controllers. This is currently the only pedal that I own but it is the only Pedal that I need for my Axiom Controller. It is well made and will hold up a long time.…

  • M-Audio Sp-2

    M-Audio Sp-2 - moosers's review


    The M-Audio SP-2 is a sustain pedal for use with electronic and MIDI keyboards. It's compatible with anything that has a 1/4" output for a sustain pedal, which is going to be pretty much every digital keyboard out there. It's got the traditional de…

  • M-Audio Sp-1

    M-Audio Sp-1 - Cripur's review


    The Sp1 is made of metal, very heavy, so it doesn't slide and seems super sturdy. BUT after only one year, both plastic supports (top and bottom) have come almost off, and the first signs of it becoming loose appeared quickly after I bought it. It's…

  • M-Audio Sp-1

    M-Audio Sp-1 - Feupied's review


    Keyboard sustain pedal. It's made of metal with a rubber pad. Its cable is extended by a standard 1/4" jack. It further features a polarity switch for universal compatability, which allows you to select the operating mode. Mode 1: Press = closed …

Translated user reviews
  • M-Audio Sp-2

    M-Audio Sp-2 - " Almost perfect!"


    I use it for a few weeks ... I already had "square" style pedals fc5 yamaha, casio sp3 ... Obviously, nothing. To get a feel "close" to a piano, it is better to move towards a standard pedal piano, that's for sure! Otherwise, I also had a sus…

  • M-Audio Ex-P

    M-Audio Ex-P - " Hmm ..."


    I use it for 10 days. This is the first model in expression pedal that I tried. What is nice is the potentiometer "tab", which allows to determine the nonzero mini volume when the pedal is fully lowered. What is less known is his design a bit l…

  • M-Audio Sp-2

    M-Audio Sp-2 - " Good but ....."


    I use it for two days No other pedal sustain tried before The concern I have is that the pedal seems to work backwards? Indeed, for the sustain pedal should be in a high position, is this normal or are t he a manipulation to be done to the peda…

  • M-Audio Sp-2

    M-Audio Sp-2 - " very good product ..... just missing the half pedal function"


    received last Friday. I am a pianist, I manage the depression of the pedal full, half and quarter pedal etc. (for those who understand). I had at least five pedals "sustain" or (rather strong is the appropriate word) basic plastic that are not at all…

  • M-Audio Ex-P

    M-Audio Ex-P - " Beautiful but capricious ...!"


    I bought two pedals to control volume on my keyboard. Pretty, pretty heavy, pleasant to use (must tighten the inter-axis to avoid the feeling of having nothing underfoot), do not slip on the floor and under the sole and are well finished. The pro…