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Ampeg Other Bass Amplifiers user reviews

  • Ampeg Micro-CL Stack

    Ampeg Micro-CL Stack - " Ideal for home and small rehearsals!"


    Head: RMS -Power: 100W @ 8 Ω -Section Preamp and amp transistors -2 Entries 6.35mm, 0 and -15 dB -control Gain and Eq. medium and severe acute -Sorties Line 6.35mm and 3.5mm headphone output For -entrance 3.5mm Insert-effects for 2 x 6.…

  • Ampeg Micro-CL Stack

    Ampeg Micro-CL Stack - " Very good!"


    100 W transistor amplifier USE - Simple and effective adjustment - No manual - The 2x10 inch allows for very interesting treble! SOUNDS Nickel to rock, funk and slap! NOTICE GLOBAL Very good amp for 100 W. We recover the A…

  • Ampeg B-15 S

    Ampeg B-15 S - jemfleabass's review


    Hello, I found that there is little or no opinion on the series of Ampeg B 15, although they are a legend in the world of bass amplification. It is normally a tube combo (I'm only the head) with a rectifier transistor produced in the early …