Markbass Super Booster

Markbass Super Booster

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Super Booster, Other Bass Effect from Markbass.

4 user reviews

Markbass Super Booster tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer:Markbass
  • Model:Super Booster
  • Category:Other Bass Effects
  • Added in our database on: 09/27/2009

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Markbass Super Booster user reviews

Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 4 reviews )
 2 reviews50 %
 2 reviews50 %
Value For Money :

iamqman's review"Not too bad"

Markbass Super Booster
This little pedal does increase your tone and sound quite a bit. It is great for week sounding pickups or not so powerful bass amps. It about as simple as pie to figure out. There are two footswitches and three knobs to control your over all volume and sound.

This pedal is really just a boost pedal and it doesn't distort your tone very much or at all depending on how you run it. If you run it into a bass amp that has some overdrive in the preamp then this pedal will give you a slight kick in overdrive but hardly anything. This pedal works for long cables, weak guitars, and weak sounding amps. There is also a market for this pedal with people who what more drive to their tone.


Markbass SUPER BOOSTER Bass Pedal Features:

* Level Boost (level knob and on/off switch)
* VLE (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator)
* VPF (Variable Pre-shape Filter)
* Filters on/off switch
* Input jack
* Output jack
* XLR active DI output jack
* Ground Lift
* Power jack (DC 12V)
* Voltage is factory preset for the U.S.


The first footswitch control the pedal on and off. This is really for me the only purpose for this pedal. The other footswitch controls some EQing and filters which don't change the sound too much unless it is all the way up or all the way down.

The sound quality is pretty nice for that extra kick. It doesn't really change your tone but just gives you more of what you really need. The second switch which mixes it up a bit does have some variants. The first control knobs color your tone from sort of a vintage to modern loud speaker. The second control knob just control your EQing filters


At new these pedals come in at around $130 which isn't bad for what this little thing can do. This is a great buy for those needing a solid boost pedal that it make quite well. I would recommend this pedal to anyone getting signal loss from running long cables or someone who needs a touch of drive to your tone. You may never switch if off once you get it

morwen's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" listen to me, guitarist ****"

Markbass Super Booster
Effects very transparent boost, VLE and VPF filters Two.
The pedal is typical yellow "markbass."
(Oulààà I repainted black with red writing, so I found this ugly color without equal)


Very easy to use. one branch, turn the knobs ...
can be actuated independently of footswitch: that boost and that corresponding to the two filters, or both simultaneously.
It's not stupid because the filters, especially the VLE, ​​lose a lot of bottom dynamic sound.
Simultaneously engaging in the boost, bass filtered the VLE and VPF spring mix and
simply put, it re-grows in volume what you lose in dynamic ...


The boost and perfectly transparent. Bass out of the mix, no distortion (it depends on the amp also final).
Perfect for force grateux to listen to you!
Or simply for a solo passage from scratch in a "power-trio" is perfect!

VLE or vintage loudspeaker emulator is a filter that increases the low frequency, hollow mids ... The more you turn the knob, the more turns his HP 10 "15" vintage.
The sound becomes muffled and sub 'sub-bass.

The VPF or Variable Pre-shape Filter, is the acute, especially for a slap.

(Level filters, there are better and more complete with the bass attack.)

I played with a Cort B5 OD or SD-GR 5 ibanez codes.
I bought this pedal to the level of his disgusting little giant in breathless found in my studio Repette.
No more low frequency escaping from these 4 * 10.
Dynamics and fuzzy, well, crap ...
As they will not change for now and as always it happens to fall on the amp rotten over the peregrinations of a group, bearing filters allow a little about it.
Is sacrificed in favor of its dynamic sound more or less infra bass with a Disto, or equipped with a fuzz blend, we can sculpt a sound big and fat, rich in harmonics, perhaps better defined but unfortunately stagnate too low to frequency.

In the end, this pedal will serve me as my Sunn concert bass amp super powerful, but with a large package in the midrange, and "breath" because very Brite ...
With bosster markbass is all show!
Reduce mediums, low back huge bearing on very light breath of "on-brite" ...


Regarding other model, the bass attack of both artke can sculpt the sound of the bass that these two filters integrated booster markbass, but the spirit is different.
The bass attack preamp + complete one, while the booster markbass and boost pedal with more direct output.

The price is really excessive.

To finish:
The boost is very useful and perfect for all bassists.
Filters, found on each amp markbass also are unique.
Useful primarily for bassists looking infra bass sound, and do not like graphic equalizer amps, or who do not like their tamper three days amp knobs to achieve their end.
See like me straighten the sound of an amp "rotten" or a vintage amp to its very specific.

DI Plus, it still serves.
Captain Danny05/09/2012

Captain Danny's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Partner live"

Markbass Super Booster
Pedal Boost / EQ Filters / Active DI.

Sounds non-editable, non-rackable.

Analog pedal, true bypass.

An input and output jack, an XLR output.

DC In 12V, specific power supplied with the unit.

Metal case, it's very serious manufacturing MarkBass therefore, handmade in Italy.


Very simple configuration:

-A knob with its activation switch and blue LED to control the boost of 0 to 15 db.

-Two knobs to control the VLE and VPF filters also with their activation switch and blue LED light activation.

-A small ground lift switch to DI for the part if there is ever a bass loop in the system.

One connects the output to the amp and the DI output to the sound or you do use it as an output, nothing abnormal.

The manual is clear and sufficient, at the same time the pedal is very easy to use, even when one appreciates the diagram that shows what frequencies acting on the filters, the two examples presented settings are useless as the pedal is easy to adjust and you will find only your settings.


The Boost is just perfect in my opinion, it's definitely not the color, it's own clean throughout the race, and with up to 15db is more than enough power level.

The VLE is my favorite filter, it gives a round and very hot by cutting all acute and many of the mediums, so I just have a setting on the low violent with lots of attack and treble, and switch to vintage sound, round and warm in a foot pressure. I can also see that the pedal is logically the end of the chain, turn my effects and the VLE to bottom to make it sound as if emerging from the lower enclosed, soundproof, only low frequencies pass, when off the effect is as if you opened the door ... it's just a slaughter.

The FFT is useless, celon me is the typical slap MarkBass equalization, we like it or not, and I do not like the sound of slap -1 therefore seen that this function is useless to me.

These two filters are standard filters Markbass amps, so anyway, I suppose many people know.

The DI does its job, and that is all that is asked of him.

on the other hand over the years, the activation switches have deteriorated (I should have put it in features but ...), which is not surprising since I activates and deactivates the pedal least twice a song and I've dragged this pedal in all the worst places in the world. Even by removing and cleaning the pedal switches from dust and other, nothing has died and my warranty, so -2 is hard but this kind of "plop" activation should not happen on the MarkBass!

It works perfectly on guitar and bass, I did not try it on other instruments.

I like the EQ Boost and separated, they allow you to work your sound instantly and directly in concert.


I use it for 2 to 3 years. I've had no other models of this type before.

This is my partner live, what you do in the studio in no time, you do so instantaneously on stage, namely change your Booster EQ and volume for a few games.

His only fault is to me the futility of FFT and the resulting degradation of the switches "plocs", everything else is perfect.

The value for money is excellent for this Swiss Army knife of live sold with its power supply.

When she gives up the ghost I bought new!
sebby low05/23/2011

sebby low's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A boost but not only!"

Markbass Super Booster
The super booster Markbass is a pedal made of 2 distinct parts.
A boost in volume and a filter. The 2 effects can be used simultaneously.
This pedal does not enjoy connection to Mac / PC ... It's a good old analog pedal, but very good.
Connections are very simple: input + output jack and XLR output. Everything on the back.


Left a boost to activate or deactivate the foot to have a volume gain immediate. Be careful to measure your boost with the volume pot just above because it is very performant!

At right is a filter that allows you to paramettrer sound in advance and initiate timely. For this you have 2 knobs: one for serious and one for the treble. It's very simple. This filter system is now directly over the heads of the brand amps so that's good.

The manual (in English only but which could happen) moved some settings ... but everyone to find his sound!


Me I play in a group of Hard, I set the boost to a quarter of its power, and I activates when one of two guitarists from solo to give consistency to the rhythm and not create a decrease volume group. The 2 guys are still on 2 head lamps with 100 and 50 W.

The filter is very efficient and extremely adjustable. You can have a sound slap on time and do not keep the rest of the song ... Personally I opted for its infra-bass j'enclenche that when passing between different reggae ....

I mainly play a Fender american deluxe precision 5 ASH but I use it with all my basses and rendering is still quite good.


I use it for almost 2 years and it has become indispensable to me!
I have not tried another boost before but everyone who crossed with me are fallen under the spell.

I like the fact that it makes more DI, I did a concert hall with sound and I crazy!
The only downside is that you can not edit the sound, turn the knobs by hand each time and therefore the piece can not trigger a sound.

These are my personal friends who have offered me for my birthday, I did not stop talking about ... to silence me they are assessed. But seriously, this little gem costs about 125 Euros and allows a lot! It is already a DI box for those who would like one (with more stuff ...) and all with exceptional quality products Markbass! Do not hesitate. You will be conquered.

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