Reunion Blues Continental Electric
Reunion Blues Continental Electric
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denied's review"The very best of both worlds"

Reunion Blues Continental Electric
- Impeccably durable construction
- ABS shock panels throughout
- Heavy duty zippers
- Handy pockets
- Lightweight
- Neck support
- Velcro secured
- Discrete straps
- Water resistant

This case is the definition of usability. Every part of it has been carefully designed and constructed to make it as user friendly as possible. First and foremost, it protects your guitar. I’ve dropped it with all kinds of high end guitars in it, never been concerned. There’s a great single shot video on the reunion blues website of a cased up guitar going over a 40 foot drop without a scratch, and while I probably won’t be repeating the experiment, I believe it. The neck is supported by an internal foam block and secured down with Velcro. The entire case is covered in ABS paneling.
But aside from the protection it offers, it’s packed with some useful features. The backpack straps are housed behind a zippered panel, for when you don’t want to deal with them. You can pull out just one or both of them and snap it down pretty easily. The pockets are really conveniently placed.
The handle is beautifully designed for a very comfortable hold at a slight upward angle.
And it just looks plain awesome. It is supposed to be water resistant (never tested this) though not fully waterproof so keep it out of the pool.
I’ve heard some complaints about its weight and the rigidity of the zippers. Guess what folks, it’s a sturdy gig bag that can be thrown around. It’s going to weigh a little more, deal with it. The zippers are a little stiff, but that just comes with being a sturdier zipper. Flimsy zippers are a lot easier to use, and I don’t want them on my cases.

Doesn’t really apply here, but the case sure does a great job of preserving the guitars I rely on for the sound I need.

As I write this, I’m flying across the Atlantic at 10,000 meters with a $3000 Custom Shop Strat in a Reunion Blues Case. And I’m not worried. I know, I sound like I’m trying to sell you. But that’s just how good it is. You get hardshell style protection with a case that you can still through over your back. I’ve been struggling with transporting guitars for the last 10 years. Soft shell cases can be brought onto a plane, and can be carried around pretty easily. But in the event that they need to e stowed under the plane, you are in for it. I’ve had a 20 year old ovation destroyed that way. Hardshells offer quite a bit more protection, but are a pain to carry around an airport. You can check them, but nothing says “steal me” quite like a hardshell guitar case. The Reunion Blues cases pretty much bridge all of these problems into a workable solution.
While I really like these cases destroy many of the standard hardshell cases on the market (I’d love to see a fender case withstand a 40 foot drop), you’ll still get better protection with a really nice custom harshell (look into Calton cases). I’d also look at Mono cases who make a pretty similar case to the Reunion Blues one. I’ve heard great things about them, I just happened to choose the RB one.