Orange OPC
Orange OPC

OPC, Other Computer from Orange in the OPC series.

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Orange OPC news

  • [NAMM] Orange upgrades the OPC amp and computer

    [NAMM] Orange upgrades the OPC amp and computer


    Orange announces the third generation upgrade of the OPC guitar amp and computer, which will be on demonstration at Winter NAMM 2013.

  • Orange Amps OPC Upgrades & Price Drop

    Orange Amps OPC Upgrades & Price Drop


    The Orange OPC now features an unlocked 2nd gen Core Intel i7 CPU with 8 virtual cores, while the RAM has been doubled to 8GB DDR3.

  • Upgraded Orange Amps OPC

    Upgraded Orange Amps OPC


    The Orange OPC has been upgraded and is ready for Pre-Order from the new website for delivery within the UK by the end of April and will be shipping outside the UK shortly after.

  • [NAMM] Orange OPC Video

    [NAMM] Orange OPC Video


    New Orange OPC video on AudioFanzine.

  • [NAMM] Orange Amps OPC

    [NAMM] Orange Amps OPC


    The OPC has undergone significant specification improvements and at NAMM the company will be debuting the final production spec product.

  • Orange Amps OPC

    Orange Amps OPC


    Orange Amps released OPC Price which includes over £700 free Software.

  • Orange Amps Announces the OPC

    Orange Amps Announces the OPC


    Orange Amplifiers, the British based manufacturer of guitar amplifiers, announced the launch of the all-in-one computer amplifier speaker – The OPC.