Chillbass Persane 5 passive
Chillbass Persane 5 passive

Persane 5 passive, 5+ string bass guitar from Chillbass.

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piflu64 07/31/2011

Chillbass Persane 5 passive : piflu64's user review

«  Great and cheap! »

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I purchased this bass directly from the maker.  It was a model in stock so I did not have to wait. The guy is super nice, he welcomed me home! Living just 1 hour from him, I went just to see and I am left with a bass!

This is the basic model: alder body, maple neck and rosewood finishing touches in white and black plate. nice finish.
the tech: 5 strings, 21 frets, 18mm spacing at bridge 45mm and width of the handle, department key 9 inches. jazz bass pickups CREL jbmorph passives. mechanical and Gotoh bridge.
bridge pickup is set to 70' position and the neck pickup is slightly down compared to a classic jazz bass.


The neck is fine and fast (most importantly for me). The body is fairly thick (4cm) which means that it is super light. Everything can be set by small onions, no frills, we are in the pro. For once we have a head 3 with two mechanical clutch, lighter than the fenders, it changes.


It has two pickups with Jazzbass CREL system that allows split a portion of each micro via a push-pull, much like the humbucker but adjustable in jb. All while in passive. It makes two distinct sounds, a round, powerful and clear sound and banging. As can manage each pickup separately, the possibilities are wide enough. I love this system! Initially, it's a bit unusual but now that I mastered the trick, I really appreciate it. Compared to a jazz bass, it really brings a plus.
The sound is particularly regular, especially on the lows (if rope made for a great 34-inch) than on the highs! All with great trust. harmonics, tapping, slap, it's the job!


Well, I would strongly advise buying a chillbass! Having played Sadowsky or ken smith, I find that it is easy to compare the level of quality. And it's the first time that I come across a tool as effective at first! We plug in and it plays very well! almost alone! :)

The Jbmorph system really brings more compared to the classic jazz bass system.

It should be added to € 1600 for a 5 string it's hard to find both on the walk. € 500 more must be added.
My only regret is not being able to go with the amp when everything is all connected together it is exceptional. I arrived at 14h and left at 20h and I did not notice the time passing, that says it all!

Result: satisfied!

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