Patrice Blanc SB 52

SB 52, 5+ string bass guitar from Patrice Blanc.

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Audiofanzine FR12/10/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Patrice Blanc SB 52
(Originally written by SaintKRO/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

French instrument created by a luthier named Patrice Blanc.

22 frets, beautiful rosewood fingerboard, 2 big Dynabass humbuckers by CREL and P. BLANC, active electronics with 4-band EQ (low, low-mid, high-mid, high) and 3-way toggle switch (bridge, both, neck).

Very cheap Fender-like bridge.

Comfortable neck, not too thick for a 5 string bass.

The bass can also be played in passive mode via the push/pull volume control.

This handmade instrument has a very good finish without overdoing it.


The neck feels good and it doesn't get you tired after several hours playing. Easy upper frets access.

The bass is light and very well balanced. It's a very comfortable instrument and you'll instinctively find the right position. I only miss a chamfer on the body top/back for more right arm comfort (like on a Jazz Bass for example). But this doesn't reduce the playing comfort.

Is it easy to get a good sound??? It's very difficult to get a bad sound.... This bass sounds immediately good regardless of the settings. You'll only need some time to get to know the 4-band EQ (quite unusual isn't it?). The bridge position reproduces the JazzBass sound very faithfully; The center position sounds like a Musicman and it is perfect for slapping; The neck position provides the hottest Precision Bass sound. This bass was conceived as a tribute to legendary instruments.


I play jazz and funk and this instrument is perfect for me. I think everything can be played with this bass guitar, except for symphonic metal or other music styles that require modern sounds. The sound always has a vintage character!!! It's the perfect instrument for me since I love Fender sounds and I own a Jazz Bass. It's perfect for slapping, finger picking and everything else... It's a top instrument.

I connect the bass directly to the P.A. system via an EBS DI box. The sound can be enormous with an incredible punch, but also soft or fat but it is always round and wonderfully accurate. This instrument always cuts through even in a very dense mix. It can also growl if necessary.

I like the neck (Precision) and bridge (Jazz Bass) positions mostly. The passive sound is also wonderful. As a summary, I like absolutely EVERYTHING about this bass!!!


I've been using it for two months. I feel fine with it and I love it. Believe me, its sound and looks are breathtaking (mine is much nicer than the one in the picture, it has a natural wood look with a thin varnish, rosewood fingerboard and a smaller pickguard). The instrument is handmade so you feel you own a unique instrument.

I love the look of the pickups, they are so MASSIVE with oversized magnets. I love everything.

I previously tested other bass guitars including several Fender (I was very disappointed by the Victor Bailey model), Musicman, Tobias (I even owned one).

It wasn't cheap even though I bought it secondhand but that's the price you pay for a perfect high-class bass guitar.

I just love it.

People who don't like vintage Fender should look elsewhere. For everyone else this instrument is a must have. But it's very rare and also quite expensive.

SaintKRO's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Patrice Blanc SB 52
Hi All,
So this is a French manufacturing, Mr. Patrice BLANC please, luthier formerly based in Grenoble. This bass is Isère.
22 frets, rosewood fingerboard (yes but the beautiful !!!), 2 huge humbucking coil Dynabass by CREL and P. WHITE, 4-band active electronics (low, medium low, medium high, treble) and chooser 3 positions (easel both pickups, neck).
Easel kind Fender extrememnt so cheap.
The handle is comfortable and not too big for a 5 string.
A yes I forgot, this bass can be played passive, the volume knob is a push / pull.
It smells handwork, very well done, no frills but very serious.


The handle is good, no fatigue even with intensive game treble access is easy, nothing to say.
The bass is super lightweight and well balanced, comfortable in all circumstances, we find the right position instinctively. It lacks my taste a chamfer on the top / back of the corp for the comfort of the forearm (type jazz bass for expl). Anyway I am and I have difficil admetre that this absence does not impair the comfort of play.
IF it is easy to get a good sound ???? I would say it is extremely hard to get one wrong, it sounds right away with any setting, just enough time to adjust to equal 4 bands (quite unusual is not it? ) In the bridge position is sound JazzBass be mistaken; the intermediate position is perfect for slap musicman and neck position offers the toride of Precision. It is on this bass was conceived and designed as a tribute to the great legends.


I play funk / jazz, and it's perfect, I think we can play everything with this instrument, apart from the symphonic metal or other demanding styles of modern sounds. We stay in vintage anyway !!! It is perfect for me, worshiping the fender sound and happy owners of a jazz bass. The slap is honored, the game also finger, everything is still the best of the best.
I live connects to the sound through my EBS DI, it's very very big, huge potato, sweet if desired, fat as needed, all very round and beautifully defined. This instrument is meant, even in a toufu mix. It can growler aussis if necessary.
I have a soft spot for round positions (precision) and bridge (jazz bass), passive it is also beautiful. In short I love everything about this bass EVERYTHING !!!


I use it for two months, I have well in hand, it clings to this beast, believe me, both in its aesthetic and at the level (mine is much more beautiful than the picture, wood Natural slightly varnished rosewood fingerboard and pick guard smaller). Craftsmanship adds the charm of the unique, tailor-made.
I love the mouths of microphones, they are HUGE, oversized magnets. While I like and moves me.
Yes I have tried other low front fender (especially disappointed with the victor bailey), music man, Tobias (I even own one)
The price is high, j'e have paid 1700 euros opportunity, but it is probably the price to set for flawless bass that level.
I love him.

For not a fan of vintage fender see BTW. For others, it's a must, it remains for you to dig in and gather a sum (hihihi I'm not ready to cross another).