Warwick Thumb BO Dirty Blonde 5 LTD 2006
Warwick Thumb BO Dirty Blonde 5 LTD 2006

Thumb BO Dirty Blonde 5 LTD 2006, 5+ string bass guitar from Warwick in the Thumb series.

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crrcrr 06/05/2009

Warwick Thumb BO Dirty Blonde 5 LTD 2006 : crrcrr's user review


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Made in Germany by WW custom shop, the (beautiful) 24 fret bass boasts an unusual pickup configuration: precision type 1 + 2 trestle and jazz coupls and split via a push pull knob on the bass / treble. WW bridge known for its possibilities of rglage of the party and the nut "Just a nut II" adjustable in height but is not of the best quality instruments for that price. The prampli has 3 knobs, two doubles with push pull and fonctionalits are:

Double knob 1: Volume + balance + push pull for switching low passive.
Knob 2: Boost / cut of mdiums
Double knob 2: Bass + + Aigues split double JB

9/10 because the nut. The rest is very well pensbr />

The handle is a handle WW, either love it or hate it, especially as the printing of "raw" touch finish in dstabilisera more than one, otherwise it's frankly a very good handle that one feels and vibrates with your notes, liserai joining the 4 parts of the handle is beautiful. The desti- nations most recently boxes are no problems, it must be said that the shape of the Thumb is Idale for it.

The concave body, Ash Swamp, is ultra lightweight! Lightest yet my Spector US, yet rpute for weight and ease of incomparable game. Table poplar burl is superb. What is strange is that the pictures on the CS WW, this table is really clear while mine is rather dark (I find also much more beautiful as well)

The sound is the Warwick.


I tend ax Mtal beam and must recognize that although in this register, the game is a slap happiness and the game mdiator / finger too. This is a bass that responds very easily when you start to have an aggressive game with this typical growl home WW. A hollow lightweight Note in mdiums with all flat knobs, and a bump in high mdiums typical of MEC pickups. The micro precision is powerful and punchy. The double jazz, although double but we feel a power shortage rel singles compensated with the balance.

This bass has a clear, crystalline same:
- The bass is transparent, starved for consistency
- The bump on the high mdiums allows Perer mix radically Manire, but it is also a handicap when seeking a little more versatility and a softer
- If you push too Pramp the sound becomes a bit more "draft"

I have changed since the time Pramp and microphones and what emerges is that WW sound is mainly the electronic and MEC pickups. It is they who give this character so special to WW lower than I love moderately

10/10 if you are looking for uncompromising sound WW
7/10 when searching his WW, yes, but with the versatility


Super low

A real favorite ...