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All user reviews for the Yamaha RBX6JM

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 5 reviews )
 3 reviews60 %
 2 reviews40 %
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MGR/Sebastian's review"Yamaha RBX6JM"

Yamaha RBX6JM
I bought the bass through a swedish website, where people sell used instruments and other musical stuff( and paid 5000 sek. I'd guess that's like 600-650 us dollars.
I had been thinking about buying a 6-string for a while, and I thought it would be smart to take this opportunity (Not sure how to spell that :P)
This basses aren't very common here in sweden (I'm swedish by the way) and they usually cost a lot of money (a new one costs about 15000 sek in some music stores around here). So I'm quite peased with the price :D

It plays VERY well, much easier than I thought, and it sounds AMAZING!!
It has a very wide range of tones too, due to the EQ.
You can feel the great quality the first time you hold it!
I like just about everything i think :D

Well, there's nothing i really don't like about this bass.
I can imagine that some players wouldn't like the neck. it's a little thinner then most 6-strings, but I don't think that's a problem. I dont't slap so much on this bass anyway, and I it really allows you to play faster.
You can get fret noise quite easy (depending on the thickness of the strings) , but they aren't really loud, It just sounds natural to me.

Very good quality. I felt that the first time I held it. Really nice tuners and bridge, not some cheap shit that eats new strings, if you know what I mean...
Great ebony fretboard (24 frets) and extremely beautiful mother-of-pearl-inlay.

The 3-piece bolt-on-neck is very good and as tough as a swede ;) due to the two thruss-rods.

I think this is one of the best 6-string basses for this price. Love it!
Go Yamaha!

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MGR/Anthony Veach05/22/2002

MGR/Anthony Veach's review"Yamaha RBX6JM"

Yamaha RBX6JM
I bought this instrument off of the internet at for $699. I had wanted a six string bass for quite a while and this was the perfect opportunity. I love Dream Theater and this bass was one of the best available.

This bass has great speed and a good amount of action when played. The neck has been thinned a bit to help those that play little or no slap bass. Your hand will have much more manuverability and speed from this, and you will notice the difference in your playing right away.
Another good thing about this bass is something that could actually be good or bad, depending on the style of music you wish to play. It has a very gutsy sound naturally, and is great for playing more aggresive and fast parts. Nothing feels better than hearing a solo reminiscent of John Myung flying from your amp.
Also, this bass has a large range of difference in levels. You have options for: Bass, Mid, High, Pick-up, tone, and of course volume. With all these options you're sure to get the notes heard that you want.

A problem I've noticed with this bass is the pickups don't tend to be very forgiving when it comes to picking up fret noise. I don't usually run into this problem, but when I do it definately stands out.
The other downfalls of this bass are related to some of the positive aspects. If you're a slap player, I wouldn't advise this bass because of the difficulty involved in getting your fingers in between these strings. If that is the type of instrument you're looking for, maybe the Yamaha TRB6 is better suited for your needs.

This instrument is well made and I would say it has very good quality due to its flexibity. For a more defined sound, simply put more into one pickup and slightly raise your mids. For more rumbling, crank the lows and feel your music.

Overall, this is a very good bass. In my opinion, it's one of the best. If you're someone that can look past the fact that it is a signature model, then you'll see the quality and enjoyment waiting for you.

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Miliouz's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha RBX6JM
It's a Japanese made in Korea it seems to me (I did not have before me)
Bolt with 2 trusroad.
The electronic means: 2 single coil pickup, with a 2-band EQ (bass, mid and treble, surprising right?), A volume and a micro scale.


We have a nice yamaha makes its 5kg, so it's not for girls!
This is a handle 24 cases, with a spacing of 20mm. The neck is thick, but it is on 6 strings nan?
The sound is nice, although it will never be the power of a MM in the bass, or a grain of precision.
I find it rather versatile, and the rule without concern for us little ears!


This is obviously a rock bass. The slap was not evident because the E string and G are "framed" by so and do igu.
Personal I Utilia far on a rumble 100 (I just sold) and a poor little Hartke 15w. And Ben even with ridiculous little amp, if the password as anything ...
So it goes back to her, the "fat" is forgotten. We are in the Pecis, square, stakanoviste swipping the sixteenth note. The sound is precise and clear. It's not frieze, ca crachouille not, unless you want it (just a background as a bully by attacking), and even the sound is superb. We must not forget that it is primarily a solo instrument, play flush the body on the treble!


I've had auout, and I'm happy.
There is one thing that bothers me, the handle 35 along the pitch. "There it is, but when one takes a standard stick, you can breathe!

Being a fan of DT, obviously I would do the choice, especially since I tried the JM2, and seriously, next it's crap!

Arnaud_B's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha RBX6JM
- View Previous opinion!
- 24 frets, a bridge pickup, a neck pickup
- Qualisation three bands, volume, tonalitbr /> - it seems to me key bne


- I possd for six years, a 5-string Ibanez Ergodyne EDB 605. After a few hours to adapt the 6 string and the handle wider (even if the strings are finally relatively close to each other), I find extrmemnt comfortable, and the handle is a highway He did me in any way limit my dplacements, even on ultra speed or technical passages, I would say even that's an advantage.
- Access in agus is excellent
- It is a little heavy for my other two basses and others I've tried / possdes, but apparently pluttlgre for 6 strings. It is comfortable to play both sitting and standing
- It happens easily get a good sound, even if all is hushed and cold
- I put on just a BMOL knobs that do not seem strong at all


- It is perfectly suited my style of music I play prog (yes, otherwise I would not take a Myung ;-) ) but also the fusion / rock / funk, and some mtal .
- I use a Hartke stack three bodies (HA3500, XL 115, XL 410). Between the bass and the amp, I have an EBS Multicomp, Boss GEB-7, ODB-3, CEB-3 and an Electro Harmonix NanoBassBalls
- As described above, the sound is fairly cozy and cold, but really enjoyable. It may be lack lgrement potato in frquences trs serious, but should be corrected with a 15-inch other than the Hartke. The sonoritsagues, especially arpges or agreement, are tasty wish!
- Trs I am happy with the sound from what I want (see global opinion)


- I have ten days and I start well and get used to my back
- My main bass is a 4 string Stingray. I once had an Ibanez EDB-605 that I intended to use when I needed a 5 string, but far too silent below the Musicman. I sold it to buy something better and win a 6 string in passing, without ruin me. I came across one of Myung occas 600 and I bought it. When I ask my Stingray a few moments to take Myung has not impede me instead! Even if the level of manufacturing quality, and his violin, it is worse than the Stingray, she did not blush absoulement complte excellently well and my sound palette! When the handle is a real rgal! Once used it is very easy to play it!
- I had never tried 6 string, and I bought it without trying it ... And I have no regrets, I find it great!
- For 600 euros used, it is a steal! I use it as deuxime complter low for a Stingray, and well it fulfills its contract perfection!
- Basically, I wanted a 6 string Warwick Corvette Standrad, cte around 800 euros opportunities. But we do not find much and this was Submitted Myung and I took it without trying it! In the same segment, there are Cort and Ibanez! Well if I was going to rear, in Rasht I try it! ;-)

Fr@ggel's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha RBX6JM
- Alder body
- Table maple Flamée
- Ebony fingerboard (with decoration "infinite" mother of pearl)
- 24 frets
- Long pitch
- Adjustable bass, midrange, treble
- One of knob tona
- One for the volume
- Two sensors Anilco V


The maple fingerboard gives a pleasing sound on bass (we realize this already without amplification).
Sake, for soloists, the fans of agreements ... it is quite difficult to access the latest freight.
It's a bass that is heavy enough, but we must also say that it is a 6-string ...
3 buttons for EQ, one for tone and one for the volume: what could be simpler!
In addition, the settings are effective, turn it sounds!
on the other hand, for slappeurs crazy, spacing of the strings does not make much difference. I know that fashion is an approximation of the string but I still prefer the spacing of 20mm (Fender). This spacing is ideal for game stop, and must be excellent on a fretless (but that is not the question).


If you love the sounds warm and "round", I think it is not the ideal low. I use it in many different styles (jazz, jazz-rock, funk, French and international variety ...) and it suits me.
It sounds both positions (finger) that slap.


Plugged into an amplifier Hartke (HA3500) and 1 or 2 D210T (2x10 "+ Engine 1" in Eden) has a good RBX6JM the final rendering. She returned in roundness and depth ... more richness in the bass.
This low is nonetheless a very good low entry-level in six strings. I highly recommend it.