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[Iryan] 03/09/2009

Brian Moore i1 : [Iryan]'s user review


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Amricaine guitar made in Korea
22 frets. 3 Seymour Duncan: 2 double pickups Alnico II Hum (his jazz, blues ...) in JB and the neck pickup Hum (well big sat.) In a simple pickup and the Alnico Single (vintage rock )
Two knobs: volume and tonalitbr /> A slecteur micro positions 5
Connection jack on the underside that enough Aesthetics
USB jack on the guitar
Handle made in the body of the guitar
Mcaniques self-locking Sperzel


Channel enjoyable and ACCS easy but frieze! I can not dfaire me despite all my trials rglage.
Guitar enjoyable and not too heavy "bear" ;-)
I've never used the USB external sound card with one that is much more convenient and better in terms of sound quality
The self-mcaniques blocks play well even if their rle in some case they increase the manipulation of strings
The dual microphones single pass by pulling on the knobs. Systm forcment classic but not practical.
Brief comment on the vibrato, it's a shame it is vis ... I had another Systm with a Wilkinson vibrato o much fat is just pulling on the stem. C'tait faster and above all has meant that a non-rigid without vibrato of the game, which is not quite the case here ...


That's a decision I have!

I wanted a warm, bright and not slamming trs like strats.

The pickups are perfectly simple and stick with clear sound. By varying the combinations of sounds gives trs trs funky jazz, sounds similar to those of Robbie Kriegger (guitarist of doors). As against the bridge pickup and unusable for me in his light.

To sound more saturated but its excs the neck pickup is perfect for a big sound and very heavy and always mtalique trs brilliant.

Finally the bridge pickup is good for me when strong saturation and large fuzz. L is fully justified and offers a range of his shot supplmentaire the guitar. He really got too much punch for my be used otherwise.


I have 3 years.

I do not regret this purchase (at the same time we will often say that we bought the shit ...).

The sound I wanted and more scratch trs trs a beautiful and original.

Large variety of his (and all good!) I have not finished discovering uses.

A counselor? No! I'll be the only one to have!