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Samson Technologies Misc music/audio gear user reviews

  • Samson Technologies S-phantom

    Samson Technologies S-phantom - moosers's review


    The Samson Audio S-Phantom is a two channel phantom power box to use in the studio. Most people probably won't have a need for something like this, but if you have some mic preamps that don't have phantom power built in, as you'll sometimes find in …

Translated user reviews
  • Samson Technologies SRK21

    Samson Technologies SRK21 - " Very good value for money"


    Used for a month, I was able to neatly store the most rapidly racks. no worries screws or screw unlike others who spoke on forums. It is tough for the price. It is black (very dark gray) dull, it does not pick up too much dust. I'll buy one witho…

  • Samson Technologies SRK21

    Samson Technologies SRK21 - Comp's review


    Rack simple, stable, easy to install as any more and it is not ugly. No problem to fix my u units or 21 holes are in the right place! Must be from the top or the bottom and there will be no problem to fix the racks of various sizes, for my part 1…

  • Samson Technologies S-patch plus

    Samson Technologies S-patch plus - " Swiss Army Multi patch!"


    How long you use it? 1 year What is so special that you love the most, least? + Routing - A bit pricey Did you tried many other models before buying it? this is not the first and it's worth How would you rate the quality / price? a…

  • Samson Technologies S-patch plus

    Samson Technologies S-patch plus - " It does its job"


    Following the purchase of several preamps but limited to eight converters, I needed a patch to route my signal easily. I used this patch a few years and I never had any problems with. I will ever choose this patch bay even compete Neutrik, more…

  • Samson Technologies S-patch plus

    Samson Technologies S-patch plus - " great patch!"


    This patch is a 48-point, symmetrized. with s-patches for three positions of switches, N, T and HN.Je uses (I have three) for three ans.Super value prix.J I have two s-s and more patch-patch first generation, not hull arriere.J 'looked and looked at …

  • Samson Technologies Pro10

    Samson Technologies Pro10 - " Very useful device"


    Here is my review for this product: I use it for 3 years now and I've never had a problem with. I use it mainly with small generators, it avoids power surges and brownouts. It works great, just the display is digital. The value for money …

  • Samson Technologies SRK12

    Samson Technologies SRK12 - Andysan©'s review


    Good quality but there is a catch: If the racks are not very deep and they are focusing on weight forward, we must be careful not to tip the rack to allow manual movement, what happened to me, otherwise it will fall steeply the beautiful facades o…

  • Samson Technologies PS10

    Samson Technologies PS10 - " not bad .."


    it must be more than a year I possess, I have also a phonic ppc9000e, both had the same behavior explains .. .. I m on a mixer connected to a classic strip j have slight note of parasites I touched the controls of the console by plugging the phonic s…

  • Samson Technologies SRK16

    Samson Technologies SRK16 - Krapod's review


    This is a very easy to rack up. You just pay attention to the meaning of rulers (one side no American counterpart, and the other metric thread). It has sliders to the front and rear, 4 wheels, 2 with brakes. It's a studio rack, but I liked the handle…