EarthQuaker Devices Organizer

Organizer, Other Guitar Effect from EarthQuaker Devices.

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drapeau_rouge's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Huge!"

EarthQuaker Devices Organizer
The organizer is an octave pedal to generate a higher octave and octave below the note played, reinject these octaves in sound processed by the effect in order to grow and finally add a delay to the Finally, give a simulated organ.
Used to the effects of the brand, I find here the typical ingredients: a solid case, careful silkscreen, useful knobs and a flawless finish. All good!
The Up and Down buttons are used to adjust the volume of an octave lower and an octave higher while the "direct" setting adjusts the volume of untreated by the organizer signal. The choir adjustment adds back the octaves into effect. It is this setting that lets you sound like an organ or as a simple guitar doubled or tripled octave. Finally, there is a tone that can remove or add treble and a setting of "Lag" that adds time to shift the original signal and the effect.


Despite the presence of 6 knobs, the configuration is relatively simple and finally, only 4 settings are widely used: Up, Down, Direct and Choir.
All settings are super efficient and intends to influence everyone in the sound.
Attention, Organizer does not feed by batteries and is rather intensive mA (65, as Eiffel and the more it is blue).


A killer! It really is very close to the organ sound! In single notes or chord, the sound never wins. No breath, no parasites, this Organizer is a real success! It really brings a different color and eyes closed, it really looks like I went to the keyboard. Used with other effects (reverb or delay or distortion or flanger or chorus for me), there are really great and sounds out of the ordinary.
I regret the time difference between the original signal and the effect, even when the Lag setting is at minimum. So, when you completely remove the original audio signal (via the Direct knob that we will at least), the sound always been a time lag between when you scratch the rope and when the sound out of your amp ... bad. Therefore, the pedal can not replace a real octave.


I use the Organizer for 6 months and it never left my pedalboard. This is really a separate effect that competition does not have to date. Keyboards and other repressed Christian who converted the guitar will feel less alone as the Organizer is now here!
Little regret about the price, the Organizer is not really ... But given the complexity of the circuit, research and development and manufacturing quality are paid. A great product that I highly recommend. Certainly, it will not suit everyone but for those who want to make the choice of originality, Organizer is a good investment.

benderleben's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" cooool"

EarthQuaker Devices Organizer
for all flèmes who neither know nor want to learn piano (organ finally what!)
true bypass, mix DSP and analog sound so very hot compared to other DSP octave and harmonizing of all kinds




bluffing agree (especially with a compression to take notes ...)

arpege I like less or so with a good distortion ...

the "LAG" button is great to offset the dry and wet but even on the lowest setting the lag is too far on the lower octave into a full-fledged ...


very happy with this pedal!

for anyone who seeks octave like no other or who likes to put tablecloths ...

he husband very well with modulation (chorus / flanger! that is extra!)