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Denon Other Hi-Fi Products user reviews

  • Denon DL-103

    Denon DL-103 - " Excellent"


    Use for 3 months. After a break-in period required in this cell, it is evident that develops incredible performance. It is part of the 1st prize of MM cell. Oriented jazz and classical LPs corresponding show all their grandeur. Instruments are fa…

  • Denon TU-460L

    Denon TU-460L - gregorysaint's review


    This is serious. Just like its construction. Very easy to use. Elegant. Made in Germany, it shows. …

  • Denon TU-1510

    Denon TU-1510 - Patrice28's review


    Used since August 2011 in association with the Denon PMA-2010 amplifier and speakers B & W CM-9, this tuner is very good job provided to associate a good antenna, like all tuners. It follows the use of a Harman-Kardon T-403 and an Onkyo. The featur…

  • Denon DP 6000

    Denon DP 6000 - Json's review


    Platinum bought in 1982. (X2) listening and comparison to the same era with a Garrard 401 SME 3012. Stanton, Sonus, Grado. A SL 1600MK2 and 1200MK2 also equipped cell Stanton, Sonus and Grado. For a professional club startup a little slow and varia…

  • Denon DL-103

    Denon DL-103 - ThierryTN's review


    I use DL 103 for about 10 years, with a pr-pr Deno HA 1000, in suprieur analysis transformer DENON on the phono input of an Audio Research SP 14, with a Thorens TD EMT 124 and 928 (and ending for a 938). It is a universal cell trs for playing 33rpm s…

  • Denon DL-103

    Denon DL-103 - yannig's review


    This cell has a special "aura", I used 3 in a row, for a few years, with a lot of transformers (Denon ha320, AudioNote) and prépréamplis (Hiraga version "battery") Personally, I was very disappointed. Poor reading skills, especially at the end of …

  • Denon DL-103S

    Denon DL-103S - safred's review


    This is a telecoil of legends, lan in 1965 and still ctalogue denon in 2007! It is like "moving coil" and requires a pre-amp adapted type "mc" the impdance load is 100 ohms, the pressing force is 2.5 grams. the sound is trsdtaill registres.rserve in …

  • Denon DL-103

    Denon DL-103 - safred's review


    It is a cell of legends, audiophile, a voice coil; Reserved hi-fi use, it requires a pre-amp mc (moving coil) can provide over 55 dB gain, the 'impdance load is 100 ohms (47k ohms for conventional cell mobile.c a magnet is for me the cell suprme clas…

  • Denon TU-215RD

    Denon TU-215RD - Dj sdf's review


    I used this camera for 5 years. J'coute little radio, but when I MUCH I want a crisp, clean, no static or distortion. It is the quality of the tuner, plus an exceptional sensitivity of rception. It's Denon hi-fi it's worth all the comments. I note 9 …

  • Denon DRA-385RD

    Denon DRA-385RD - DJ_chris_41's review


    It is a receiver and has an excellent quality of sound but it is not for the loads under 6 ohms (I think it is about 2x60Wrms / 8 ohms …