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Pro-ject Other Hi-Fi Products user reviews

  • Pro-ject DAC Box RS

    Pro-ject DAC Box RS - " The wrong brother"


    It is difficult to speak of a DAC. Even when it is not for us. I give you a quick little review of the data sheet: • Double top grade PCM-1792 D / A chip from Texas Instruments • 9 Inputs: USB, AES-EBU, optical (Toslink), coax (S / PDIF) •…

  • Pro-ject CD Box RS

    Pro-ject CD Box RS - " Saucepan CD"


    Pro-Ject CD Box RS is a small "carrier" cd. This means that only carry the signal without converting it. It therefore requires, in parallel, the purchase of a DAC. Normally with Pro-Ject, it will be the DAC-Box RS. It will take you to the carrier …

  • Pro-ject Debut carbon

    Pro-ject Debut carbon - " Shake shack in the entry level"


    Pro Ject Debut Carbon is a small entry-level player, which, as its name suggests, receives the arm Pro-Ject carbon brand. The set comes with a cell Moving Magnet (MM), Ortofon 2M Red, which should no longer be proven. It is also available with ano…

  • Pro-ject Debut II

    Pro-ject Debut II - Judes-Emile Bornes IV's review


    - How long have you use it? Bought a year ago, I use it for scanning vinyls, with the Pro-Ject Phono Box. - What is so special that you like most and least? Connected to my mixer behringer MX1604A and an old Pioneer amp is the dynamic of the fe…

  • Pro-ject Phono Box SE

    Pro-ject Phono Box SE - safred's review


    This is a very good preamp accepts all cells (magnet or coil that is to say mm or mc, the selection is done under the housing, micro-switch, the gain is 36dB with mm, 56dB in mc.c is an audiophile product and it will satisfy fans of hard noi…

  • Pro-ject debutIII noir piano

    Pro-ject debutIII noir piano - etms's review


    - What is the particular feature you like most? Sobrie design and quality gnrale both delivered its stability as the arm. I have what is being done worse for a vinyl (concave / vex and corrugated!), Even has it's enough to make the jump. - What …