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  • Europsonic RSP800

    Europsonic RSP800 - trialben's review


    Used for some years now, I have nothing negative to say. I have other controllers that have cost me around the same price and will as well. 2 or 3 small + anyway: The pluses are its simplicity and its interface: large panel cross with long, li…

  • Europsonic RSP 600

    Europsonic RSP 600 - ainhoa's review


    - I have 2, I use them for many years. - I used a lot of such apparatus. - What I like most: A) is its reliability. To the extent you meet the maximum power per channel, no worries. B) the micro intgr to flash the lights to the beat of the musi…

  • Europsonic RSP 600

    Europsonic RSP 600 - djvicteams's review


    * For how long have you been using it? It's been ~ 5 years that I use. (Purchased on 06/10/2005) * Did you try many other models before getting this one? One, the DSPC-102 Boost ... * What thing do you like most/least about it? + The ease of u…

  • Europsonic RSP 600

    Europsonic RSP 600 - 49nono's review


    I post the same opinion for the 600 version Europsonic RSP because it's the same console that it Lumire (ERS RSP 600) except that on the other side there are the buttons "flasche "and more! Finally I would advise you to buy the other because it's a…