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Nicols Other Lighting Effects & Lasers user reviews

  • Nicols SUPERBEAM

    Nicols SUPERBEAM - deums's review


    Consistent evec advice précécents one-dot symbol is that it generates a white light flare (reflection of lights) that affects substantial enough that some of the beams …

  • Nicols Gobo Stars

    Nicols Gobo Stars - tico31's review


    I use two gobos discomobile stars DMX. I bought there over a year and I am satisfied with TRS! - It's true that the lamp (12V/100W) does not seem powerful in theory but in practice it makes it really good (the lens is for something!) - The steel …

  • Nicols GLS10

    Nicols GLS10 - sAknAfeIn's review


    I use the laser ready for a year, his best point is the controller and dmx are ngatif point is its power, in fact, even with the smoke, it is not necessarily very visible c'tait the first model I tried. the price on offer is still more affordable tha…

  • Nicols Gobo Stars

    Nicols Gobo Stars - ATOMIXdjfox's review


    I possde 4 and is the top. Damage to the lamp low (150W), he does parfaiut with a 250W lamp. He'd also had two spares for Rous gobos and colors. But 130 is the same when the blow / I CONTRL via Daslight and it's great, channel 1 for the st…

  • Nicols SUPERBEAM

    Nicols SUPERBEAM - bidibulle's review


    Used for 5 years, used with great effect smoke machine of course! He has not aged, strong colors and exploded hsit I always take a second but they are not linkable, shame! …

  • Nicols Gobo Stars

    Nicols Gobo Stars - nowood's review


    I used about six nights, it's really a nice camera! It Ragit trs well and is really nerveu.Le low noise level does not need to be very lev. The brightness is good trs, there is a SETTING THE focus, but the rest Floux gobos on cots, thundering not…

  • Nicols SUPERBEAM

    Nicols SUPERBEAM - Maxber's review


    High-powered lighting effect. Well sorry for the photo, but that is not found then the Nicols anyway except for the exterior color is no real difference. -Effect: 36 beams -Dimensions: 350 * 220 * 210 -Weight: 9 kg -Power: 2 * 150w Fan-c…