Linux qtractor
Linux qtractor

qtractor, Other Music Software from Linux.

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All user reviews for the Linux qtractor

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 2 reviews )
 2 reviews100 %
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hhub17's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Linux qtractor
Installation without any problem under Fedora, Ubuntu Studio, KX studio, in short all the Linux I tried and sometimes adopted.

The general configuration is easy for anyone familiar with Jack on Linux: you need to connect instruments to real or virtual multitrack recorder, track by track, and monitor outputs to connect the sound system.

I have not even tried the manual.

I have not encountered any incompatibility, only a few virtual instrument software does not work on Linux, and VST. It has nothing to do with Qtractor.


Sony VAIO Notebook X64 dual processor with 4 GB of RAM, external hard drive for recording, soundcard Alesis Multimix 4 USB (miexur used as a sound card) or internal card.

Works flawless, subject to the configuration of Jack sometimes temperamental when changing materials.

Once launched, it is stable.

I have chosen for a feature I've found anywhere else: it can record at once the 32 tracks of instruments of Hydrogen, software, battery and restore individual files.

This allows me to use Reaper then, which unfortunately runs under Linux with the tracks of real instruments (and therefore only the number of the sound card) and not virtual, for the treatment of each instrument and recording the rest of song.

But I might as well use Qtractor for all ...


three to four months of use.

Started ultra-easy, it can directly configure Jack to enslave and transport, it seems very light in resources ... It is free and therefore free editable by a programmer who tackle it.

I wish he makes wave files directly, but hey, instead of 32 since exports wave Hydrogen, 1:30 with various crashes, now I need 20 minutes by counting the passage parRackarrack example).

Value for money: + + + + (since infinite free)

moi_34's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent"

Linux qtractor
Automatic installation via the Internet
No need to book.


Low-end PC 2005 with 3GB of RAM and 1GB HD
Yamaha Synth USB and Audiobox
This is a classic player / recorder and MIDI player / recorder AUDIO
comes with an array of classic plugins
Very stable (never crashed)

I was looking for a publisher


Midi / Audio simple to use
I spent hours installing and testing One Artist Studio and Cubase LE4, that does not work on all machines ..
The latencies are great (when it works), and configurations are chiantes, real gas plants, and drivers AudioBox fucked bazaar.
I discovered qtractor on Ubuntu.
Everything was automatically configured, the USB is recognized Audiobox automatiquqment, nothing to install!
Not knowing this system, I was surprised
I found simplicity, stability, reliability, impeccable and very low latency.
Very good ergonomics, everything makes sense, no need manual!
Aesthetics are obviously less than the other 2 worked, and we certainly can do less things (what else?), But how effective!
The connections between the virtual synths, synths real keyboards, microphones and guitars with Jack is a joy of simplicity!
Everything works fast and easy.
Ubuntu saved my life ;-)
And zero cents!
I am amazed.