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All user reviews for the Dean Guitars Razorback Two-Tone

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 3 reviews )
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 1 user review33 %
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Value For Money : Excellent
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syel1984's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Dean Guitars Razorback Two-Tone
Manufacturing Core
Mahogany body and neck, rosewood fingerboard
Sleeve nut with 22 frets al blocks string
Dean floating bridge Licensed Floyd Rose

2 humbuckers: SH13 Dimebucker (bridge) and Dean zebra stock (handle)
2 volumes 1 Tone selector 3 positions ...
Channel Profile C

- 9: violin excellent bill, exemplary finish, everything is (a part can be a neck pickup a little more round)


N'tant not my first attempt to import The models at Dean, I knew just what to expect ...

But even when I have taken a slap! In fact I expected a series of dclinaison 79, with a little more extreme hardware and electronic review and correct fawn Dimebag ... Neni THAT!
The violin will seek ct MODELS select the range of environments: select series, Blackgold or anniversary ...
And it is the same for the entire series and signature DIME Razorback (excluding the U.S. and the entry level).

The Floyd Rose is licensed, which does in no way prevents the pav to hold against winds and ponds. The mechanisms are still the Grover 18 / 1 and they are still without any complaints.

Like all models Dean I've experienced, the quilibrage is excellent. Nothing moves in no case has held at any angle in any position ...

The handle is a regal, a little wider than the 79 MODELS, Thurs lead over East (more vertical) but remains an impressive maneuverability in all circumstances ...
We do not droge extreme forms, a period of adaptation is necessary but access to acute is totally free.

- 9: excellent note as the guitar keeps the same quality finish and quilibrage that other models of the SERIES, finishing equipment and a step ahead. An extremely well finished guitar that sounds of thunder.


The lack of serious often observed on the guitars import is also corrected.
It sounds heavy and full vacuum, so imagine branch ...

It happily oats ... The dimebucker is a brutal no name, does not forgive anything turns any rhythmic and harmonic bread (that plutt cool) ...
the motto is: extreme ...
The rhythm is totally metal ax sector bte the game, apart from a, it's more complicated ... the hard and dirty fat is difficult to control both the SH13 is violent, and then in short, becomes the dosage matre word.

The only points came from the black neck pickup and the knobs. The Dean Zebra is found on 79 and is really a horror, even if it performs better on the violin. Clean sounds only; vague as possible, it is unusable distortion but will work in clean, nothing more.
The knobs are the same, too direct for this type of micro ...

- 9: another note excellent but not perfect. The lack of versatility of the guitar is evident, but it is a false problem. Who would buy this monster to the Bossa or RnB? This guitar is for metal and they say things ...

A little effort on a microphone just under the handle pourrache and especially progressive potentiomtres REALLY have given on October 1 ...


- 9: a note will tell you one plutt leve ... I do not compare what is comparable to the devil dbiles remarks like "6 because it sound better MODELS USA" ... I note the instruments according to the competition in their CATEGORY or just above it when it's relevant, it is clear that is does not sound like a USA € 4800! (I have a test for that matter, the topo I will soon, hhh ...)

- 9 CATEGORY so because in the metal of about 1000 € (1300 € for memory) this guitar is placed on top of the basket. The look, finish, the quilibrage and equipment are the best in the market MODELS. Dean knows as often focus on the essentials, and has Lesin here on small more ...

CHRE a little more than what is atypical because it is nevertheless worth sre if we want to bring something extra from the crowd of middle-range instruments metal type currently available : the characters ...

PS: the rest of the razorback dclinaisons DIME change only in finish, it n'tait therefore inappropriate to publish the tests.
In contrast, MODELS 255, which are a DIME SERIES outside, provide a handle 24 cases and an electronic EMG. Yours truly loved and will speak soon ... trs

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Dean Guitars Razorback Two-Tone
Short story: "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott was a ds its beginners Fidler follower of the Dean ML (despite infidlit between 1996 and 2004 at Washburn). In 2004, he returned to Dean with the proposed ML Submitted a redesigned by him: the Razorback, a more aggressive ML with inlay "razor blade" (pendant that was Dimebag). Dean Zelinsky accepted the sketch and the guitar was waiting for his official prsentation. Unfortunately Dimebag was murdered before the camera power on 8 December 2004, accusing it of a fan of Pantera sparation.

Made in Korea
Body and neck: Mahogany NECK: Rosewood, stick Profile: V, 22 frets, radius: 16
Scale: 24.75 ", 629mm (Type Gibson)
Neck Joint: Set-in
Neck Shape: V-shape
Floyd Rose Licensed
Pickup Bridge: Seymour Dimebucker (SH-13)
Pickup Neck: Dean Humbucker
Mcaniques: Grover
Book flight case (large!)

Bte beautiful, well built, well finished. Some finishing dtails improved, but as acceptable given the report qualitprix. Inimitable style!


Channel shredder, fast, comfortable, excellent Access in treble.
Guitar (very) large but not too heavy (compared with a Gibson LP).
Good balance despite the inquitante form.
Only trouble: trs bulky (more than a ML or a flying V!) So the horns (and head) tend banging around!


Size for the mtal heavy? Ben ... not completely.
The Dimebucker (SH-13, signed with Seymour Duncan Dimebag) is scary! It sounds heavy and aggressive, artificial harmonics fuse: Dimebag lives in bte. The Dimebucker is inspired by the terrible Bill Lawrence XL500 (not easy to tame a monster).
And then selects the Dean ct round. And ... it is round, plutt soft, flexible but not at all consistent with the plumage. It can attack a few gentle rhythm blues, quiet. Dception.
The two pickups together, the Dean is furious soften the SH-13 and provides serious welcome.
I must say that I possde also a Dean Dime from Hell (Bill Lawrence and Dean XL5OO Zebra) and a Washburn Dime 333 (SH-13 team in and SH-6). The diffrence is so obvious and least aggressive of the three is then the Razorback, which is the most impressive yet.

DCID So I changed the pickups for a pair of DiMarzio Distortion X2N/Super. The Razorback is transfigured and takes the head of the trio.


Résumé to: plumage yes, the song no.
- In: The unique look. It could not be aggressive, but may be a Beast BCRich less smooth (and comfortable) all of the same. Also remember that the MODEL was designed by Dimebag itself, the demand for Dean Zelinski, as the ide to revisit and update the ML (mtal heavy sauce).
- Con: Dean ct round not agree with the radical MODEL. Now if you want some versatility ... but this is not quite MODEL cohrent and pluttdcevant.

devildime's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Dean Guitars Razorback Two-Tone
Made in Korea, 22 jumbo frets, a Seymour Duncan SH-13 dimebucker in the bridge position, a micro Dean in the neck position. The wood is mahogany. The bridge is a floyd rose licencie.1 selector 3 position, 1 volume knob, 2 tonalité.Le handle is shaped like a "V"


The V-neck is super nice, good grip and rapide.L access to Augu is easy thanks to the shape of the guitar.
The comfort of the guitar and his outfit is perfect, as the équiibre.

This gives a good sound quickly so that with distortion or clean.


It's perfect a mo style of music (Effect: Pantera, Brand New Sin, Black Label Society), but adapted to other genres like blues, rock, who knows what else.
ON just easily get a range of different sound but with the growing dimebucker ca! Micro Dean has a warmer sound that is better suited to clean.


I use it for a month and I'm not disappointed tout.La the only thing a little less I notice that with the shape of the guitar you touch the world around us is fo mefier.La to form flash point makes it less resistant to shock than other model types ML.Le value for money is probably what would do bon.Je choice.