Hagstrom Super Swede
Hagstrom Super Swede

Super Swede, Other Shape Guitar from Hagstrom in the Super Swede Series series.

averly 11/17/2006

Hagstrom Super Swede : averly's user review


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Country: diverse origins of the pieces! wood canada, microphones: mount made in korea "CE"


I will not go through 4 Chemain ...
This guitar is in my opinion what's the best in this price range!
The handle and the most playable ILM 'have been given to touch! much nicer than the sleeves gibs.n!
A perfect grip and finish that flirts with the high end!
Unheard of in this price range!
For the weight that is heavy, very heavy! I like that but I was really the impression not be alone with a toy!
Listed Luter, cella surpasses without any problems and easily
the series "Les Paul" of Epiphi e! ..
We get it sound very "vintage" more flexible and less fat than on "paul" very bluesy and much slamming! the "split" is a really great "click" and you pass a "les paul" has a "Start!" without losing the changes! amazing!


This guitar is my style perfectly agree!
Sound at a time CLEEN for blues and rock very powerful thanks to the micro split!
On an amp marchal or orange, it gives its full potential! I'm repeating myself but this guitar is a beast! Of pure happiness!


I use it recently but I wonder how I have been don 't move!
Most of this guitar: A race like no other!
Its a very typical and well she has that is very vintage!
A violin and fine finish
Looks beautiful
Electronics responds to the hair! the knobs are
respondent and the shade
Cons: for some it may be the weight because it is heavy!
the rest I find no negatives ...

Finally I would say that I remake this choice with his eyes closed and that if one wanted me to exchange it against the above model les paul epi bein home I would say no!
My next will be Hagstrom guitars! ca c 'is a certainty!
Try it and miss it!