Music Man Luke (Floyd Rose)
Music Man Luke (Floyd Rose)

Luke (Floyd Rose), Other Shape Guitar from Music Man in the Luke series.

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 6 reviews )
 4 reviews67 %
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satomiguitar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good guitar"

Music Man Luke (Floyd Rose)
Guitar-Made in USA
-Floyd Rose tremolo
-Adjusting very symple: a volume knob and a tone selector
Two-Emg active configuration HH


Not heavy-Guitar
Channel very pleasant and easy to play
Vibrato-good Floyd


-The sound is subjective
Emg-mics are very precise with a lot of attack
-Not much versatile.
-I tried on a vintage Mesa Mark I, I croys qe it sounds better now even with a more modern amp
Mauleresement-no tone knob of ......


-I utilze sometimes in the studio.
I have many guitars, I am more Gibson and I do not like the electronic actife
-Very good quality-price ratio



Fry37's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The guitar in my life!"

Music Man Luke (Floyd Rose)
U.S. Manufacturing
EMG SL20 Set (HSS)
Floyd Rose licensed tremolo
Alder body polish
Maple neck "birdeye" Rosewood 22 frets.
1 volume knob
5-way switch


The handle (V profile) is a marvel of comfort, access to treble as perfect body shape and the heel was investigated accordingly.
1 volume, no tone, it's basic and effective.


The EMG, too "smooth" for some, are fine for me, especially the neck pickup that I love. The bridge pickup sends heavy on distortion.
Even saturated background you can launch yourself into agreements rich, all notes will sound perfectly.
The clean sounds are a bit dry and it will coat them with a little chorus to expand.
The crunch sounds are great, ESPECIALLY on the neck pickup is hendrix wish. Normal is the guitarist Steve Lukather reference.
I think it sounds better with a set of strings a little worn.

I advise you to listen to the album TOTO Tambu. Almost all guitars have been played on this instrument.


I use since 1997 and I would sell it for anything (especially since it was signed by the master himself!)

This is the guitar of my life!

maxpapaie's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" At home anywhere"

Music Man Luke (Floyd Rose)
Handmade in California in 1996 ... And nothing has changed until purchased in 2010.
Floyd bridge (chrome) 22 frets, EMG Lukather Set (EMG 85 I think)
Channel super nice: it's the most remarkable point of this instrument. Varnish (or oiling), silky smoothness and ergonomics: it is comfortable and everything goes easy!
One volume knob, it's perfect. Access to acute


is facilitated by the rounded heel. Profile D is surprisingly tight and intuitive. Instrument light (especially compared to my G & L ash). His very own (normal, active electronics), but with a grain genuine that I liked immediately. I was expecting something cool, but my training in blues and country music, the sound was impeccable, with attack and sustain ...


The big + is the opportunity to spend his "Start" (with two singles) in bold typed with double the Gibson bridge. No surprise here, one is a trip in Lukather Toto: it sends severe, and the distance to the receiver did the rest out the harmonics. Perfect control of sound is possible through the perfect definition of mediums.


It's still expensive, and it is better to buy secondhand. Attention, Luke does not stop at the Hard FM, and can satisfy a large number of musicians. A revelation ...

Philou13bis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Music Man Luke (Floyd Rose)
Guitar that is no longer American manufacturing
I speak of Luke I called Floyd .. Characteristics of excellent craftsmanship which is that the stem is attached to the Floyd and does not disassemble for storing the guitar in the box provided for that purpose ..
The handle has a soft oiled very special form "V" .. I had never met .. I'll talk later
22 frets freights are fairly thin
Only 1 Knob volume (not very progressive :-(


The neck is especially thin enough it is, well nothing slips HOOK Profile V rout a little at first ... I must admit that for now (I played about 15 hours) I prefer the sleeves flatter ..
The ergonomics are excellent guitar is compact, there are small bevels that go not to hurt himself at odds .. The guitar is relatively heavy compared to the toy aspect of it can give when the look in his box ...
The treble is excellent access to the heel of the handle is worked is nothing wrong ...
I'll talk about the sound ...


For sound, the guitar vibrates much to sustain a big empty (despite the floyd, bolt-on neck blabla ..) as well what when it broke ...
The microphone is config SSH 2 and 1 EMG EMG S 85 5 position selector classic .. The contact selector is "posh" one feels the quality of the components ...
Good sound on the bridge position 1: The medium is serious, very punchy, great attack, no problem trigger harmonics, its very presence in a mix of impressive group ... Not even aggressive in the treble
Position 2and 4: sounds a little more .. it is not crystalline stratabound but it sounds good ...
Position 5 simple stick microphone not serious enough for designers to shine particular rhythms or blues roots a little ..
Wholesale sustain ...
The 5 volume level sounds are balanced, nothing wrong ...
I played on a digitech 2112 peavey amplified on a 50 * 50 and also live sound
I played on a multifx zoom enclosures monito
My style (pop 80s rock this guitar is perfect)
The sound is astonishing for a while what is pop rock
2 and 4 are played superb clear sound in a more strato ...
5 of the rhythmic sounds of rock, blues


I have this guitar for 1 week but I made 2 very long repeated ...
I had a couple of guitar:
I currently have a Vigier Excalibur + a PRS swamp ash .. (I would compare it to the Vigier for versatility and ease of play but sounds a bit fatter and more sustain and a little more in terms of "personality sound ")
I had a jackson sl1, a PRS CE24 a gibson lespaul
I bought this guitar to OCCAZ is a must in the style, I do not regret my choice at all

awks's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Music Man Luke (Floyd Rose)
Mister USA by Ernie Ball MusicMan ... ..
22frets, micro EMG 2 single 1 double and 2 EMG85 Lukather model SA. Floyd Rose tremolo / vibrato, one volume setting for ... maybe a tone would have been a good idea, it is also the option taken for its model number 2, but not essential.
Channel V version Lukather ...
Too bad for Stratocaster and Lespaul, but this guitar, as version 2, they kick your ass .. and I know what I mean, I have four at home, I had a Strato and I still have a great Lespaul ....


Handle of a comfort and an unsurpassed precision.
Balance, height, weight, beauty, close to perfection.
The sound that kills, powerful, precise, dynamic ...


I play Hard, blues, heavy, prog, rock FM (obviously) ... it meets all the pickups are single super clean and very dynamic. twice, nothing but happiness ...
Marshall JCM800 amp on, JCM900 heads lamps and booths G12T75 1960 in Greenback, or Mosfet Lead 100 Marshall cabins 1965 and 1966, or with heads Valvastate V100, or sometimes Mesa combos ....
The EMG kit is capable of anything with easy adjustments qq .. Only flaw because of Floyd, too much especially acute with new ropes and dug a little more midrange than Model 2, and no knob tone .. but all this is quickly forgotten when one knows one little and quick adjustment accordingly ...


For 10 years now in its red pearl, I waited for years qq bought the second in blue pearl (they are beautiful!)
What I like most is the finish and comfort of the handle ...
What I like least? Nothing! everything is in the scratch. Yet I was in love with Gibson Lespaul 12 years since I was, I do. I tried and bought many guitars through Fender Stratocaster, Vigier, PRS, SG, Charvel (it was not bad there at the time that )...( see also Silhouettes at Musicman, they are great and too little known in France ..)
Very good value for money compared to Gibson and Fender to see excellent, but in France it is still too expensive .. Try the USA, or occasion ...
I redid this choice several times already, I might stop there, right? I said maybe ... and yet I was very Lespaul Strato and at a time ..

ocoupy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Music Man Luke (Floyd Rose)
Made of California, San Luis Obispo
Red pearl, body Frne (Ash), V-neck Saddle "rounded on the edges and beveled center", 24 frets, rosewood fingerboard any beautbr /> HSS custom EMG active
A single volume pot, 5 positions
Floyd Rose tremolo spcial music man
V shape neck spcial luke

quality and finishing at the top of the top: there is no more, oh no


Channel huil get used gniale form, then you can not really play anything other APRS, compact overall shape, and lgre quilibrle: kind of a must!
Access in acute IDAL: to handle and sculpted heel!

The sound is not the IMMEDIATE fuss or long rglages: plug and play!


As for sound, mama mia, first empty silence, awesome, then anything is possible, versatile Maximum crunch, smoothness of the grave, out of phase sounds incredible and musical DEFINITIONS.
Its sharp teeth and punchy, distos fabulous.

I play on POD, the rve for this type of instrument, any jurisdiction.

What is striking when playing in band or recording is that the guitar is clear, clear, fine and prcise, even in pourravant sound: the DLIR pure!


I have 2 years, purchase Pigalle 1500, it more than 10 years.

most finish, amazing race, Ingala compactness, sound, shape, painting beautiful all


Ca is the CHRE but as an instrument of this quality is trs rare, the pro stuff, really.

I Rasht many other music man if the dj n'tait not perfect.

Apparently this is trs MODEL with floyd research because better than the new MODEL (Luke II)