Parker Guitars P-38

P-38, Other Shape Guitar from Parker Guitars in the P series.

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All user reviews for the Parker Guitars P-38

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Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 10 reviews )
 9 reviews90 %
 1 user review10 %
Audience: Advanced users Value For Money : Excellent
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blackdogxx's review"Excellent value used; versatile, light, comfortable, Korea-built quality."

Parker Guitars P-38
Parker P38 in red transparent; into a '73 Fender Princeton Reverb. So I am going for very clean tones (Tele, Strat, etc.) in a smaller amp. This guitar is a good match and in like new shape with new padded gig bag and already set up for $350 ? I'm happy.
I write songs in different genres and can play old rock and roll, classical, blues, country mostly. This guitar is not a Strat and the pickups are not Strat, but if you wanted a set, they would fit. The humbucker at the bridge could be replaced and coil-tapped with a Pearly Gates or similar to get a lot of overdriven sounds (ZZ Top) with an OD pedal.

These are flawlessly made and designed much like a 'real' Parker. For a person who likes thin, flat, light body and very comfy neck feel.... this is a good choice. Fishman acoustic (piezo) bridge on demand alone or mixed with the pickups is very nice.

The feel and workmanship are top notch and it also looks fine and plays very well with .010-.046 or .009-.042 gauge. You may need to let a bit of neck relief for light gauge and a luthier can fine adjust the nut slots (not an amateur job) for comfort. This guitar well under $400 with nice case and in perfect shape is hard to beat. It is versatile, plays easily, and is solid. It's not a guitar to bang around and is not for metal and thrash players. It's a fairly refined guitar more like a good Schecter Classic or a Gibson ES339. Not delicate, but not a thick and 'bullet proof' guitar physically.

I have owned and sold many dozens of guitars over 20 years and this is one of maybe a dozen best values. Tokai Springy Sound Strat, a Bill Crook Telecaster, a Schecter C1 Elite, and a nice SG from Austin are my favorites. There are good guitars that never took off in the market (Austins from Korea were some) that offer excellent value. This 'odd shaped' Parker P38 is another one.

themaddog's review"The best guitar I ever got for $5"

Parker Guitars P-38
For starters - I won this guitar in a raffle. My brother went to school with Larry Fishman's (the guy who designed the pickups) kid and they donated a P-38 for a raffle to raise money for the school. Although I wish they had donated a NiteFly, I'm still really happy to have won it, especially since it cost only $5!

That being said, I probably would never have purchased this guitar, or really any of the Parkers because they're not my style, but this guitar has found it's way to being a very reliable backup guitar.

The guitar has 24 frets, a thin neck, although it is not as thin or as sleek as the NiteFlies. There are two double-humbucking pickups with a three way selector and a tone and volume knob for each. There is also a piezo pickup that has an independent volume knob and can have a separate output with a TRS y-cable. If a standard 1/4" guitar cable is used, the piezo and standard pickups are blended together based on how the volume knobs are set. There is a switch that can be set to output just the double-humbuckers, just the piezo, or both.

There is also a tremolo, but it only goes down, not up.


The guitar is really easy to use. It uses 10's (instead of 9's like most guitars) and using 9's will result in fret buzz. The guitar is well balanced and has a unique shape. Over time the knobs have gotten a bit loose.

The piezo is powered by a 9 volt battery. As best I can tell the double-humbuckers are not active pickups, but for whatever reason if your battery is out of juice the double-humbuckers will not play properly.


The double-humbuckers put out a nice, solid tone that can run the gambit of modern rock music from light electric to heavy metal, depending on your amplification. If you want it to feedback it is totally capable of doing so, but not in a screeching, uncontrollable sort of way.

The real beauty of this guitar is the piezo pickup. If you want an electric guitar to sound pretty close to an acoustic, just flip the switch on the P-38 and you're in acoustic land.

These double-humbuckers are not my favorite, but that's down to my own personal preference, and not the fault of the manufacturer.


The thing I like best about this guitar is it cost me next to nothing. As I said, based on my personal preference, I probably wouldn't purchase this guitar, but I love it as a second guitar. I doubt I'd replace it, and I certainly can't afford one of the nice Parkers, but I'd be very upset if it were lost or stolen. In fact, writing this review has kind of made me reconsider its current placement, which is behind some equipment at my studio. I think it's time to start breaking it out again.

moosers's review

Parker Guitars P-38
The Parker Guitars P-38 is an extremely unique looking and sounding electric guitar that has two single coil pick up as well as a soapbox style pick up. It then has an overall volume knob as well as tone knobs and switches to choose between the pick ups. It also has a whammy bar that is smaller than the average one.


The neck of the Parker Guitars P-38 feel very nice and it is overall a very easy guitar to play. I can play all around the neck easily and the weight of the guitar is very light when compared to most other guitars. The shape of the guitar is also very unique and is unlike most guitars I have seen before. Getting a good sound from the Parker Guitars P-38 is surprisingly simple because of the amount of control over your sound in terms of pick ups and controls as well as the great inherent tone this guitar has.


The sound quality of the Parker Guitars P-38 can be described as clean and overall has a full bodied tone. Having three pick ups makes it a breeze to get a variety of different tones of an endless amount of situations. I mostly use this guitar for rock and pop music, using it in tandem with a '76 Fender Twin Reverb amp and I'm always happy with the tones I can get from this guitar. I have only used this guitar for recording, but it is certainly suitable for live shows and for whatever else you would want to use it for. While it probably works best for a clean sound, it also has a great sound when you through some overdrive on it, especially for lead tones!


I've been using the Parker Guitars P-38 for about a year and a half and it is one of the most interesting guitars that I have used both in terms of look and sound. Parker has a unique line of guitars and the P-38 is one of the most reasonably priced models that they offer. For this reason it makes it a great choice for both intermediate players and professionals alike. If you are looking for a new guitar that sounds great and looks even better that won't break the bank, the Parker Guitars P-38 needs to be looked at.

MGR/Parsley's review"Parker P38"

Parker Guitars P-38
Bought the guitar in "Just music", Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK. Was on the look out for a new guitar to record a solo album with... started playing through various guitars until the Parker caught my eye... picked it up for £595 (well actually only £205 coz i traded a Fender Strat and Seagull s6 as part of the deal......)

The neck is notably good, incredible for finger tapping and it *wants* you to string bend! It cries out. Machine heads (grover) are holding up well and keep good tuning. The body is light and well crafted, ash i believe. Piezo is beautiful to use, and the alnico bucker has a serious kick. Use both simultaneously for huge almost chorus-like sounds!

Hmmm. well i love it and all but unless you have an acoustic *and* electric guitar you won't experience the excellent concept of the stereo jack lead

Smoothly built, no obvious problems, beautiful finish (mine is in a gibson-esque tobacco sunburst)

In several years i have had the pleasure of using Squire, Epiphone, Fender, EB, Dean, Crafter and Seagull guitars on recordings. This one is the best yet. i say stand out from the crowd. There are to many fender, 'phone and les paul invest in something new: parker, maverik, BC rich. Get noticed!

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MGR/Andy's review"Parker P-38"

Parker Guitars P-38
i paid like $600 this is a pretty sweet guitar. I was just about to buy a 96 american strat then i saw this and just had to play it and i loved it. Then when i got home I out some distortion on it and it has a major feedback issue but u can always mess around with the knobs on the guitar and amp

the style, the neck and action, the sound pretty much everything

feedback and the store where i got it from gave me like springs and i have no idea what the go 2

its great, i havent had any problems yet

sweet guitar, if you can afford it get the high-end parkers there probally perfect

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MGR/Mark zinns01/14/2002

MGR/Mark zinns's review"Parker P-38"

Parker Guitars P-38
Like alot of other folks, I was browsing at my local Guitar Center and saw the P-38 on display. I've always thought that the Parker styling was pretty cool, so I picked it of the rack and gave it a couple of strums. Wow! It felt great. After a couple of minutes of playing, I looked at the price. $599. Within 10 minutes I was walking out the door with my brand new Parker!

The weight is what you really notice after playing just about any other electric guitar. It is really light. The action is amung the best of any guitar I've played. This thing is so versitile. With two single coils, a humbucker and piezo pick-ups, you can have just about any sound you want. Combining the piezo with the other pickups will give a lush full sound that hard to get on another guitar. The tremelo unit is great and it stays in tune.

It makes my other guitars seem so ordinary.

Fit and finish is excellent. It is a top quality unit. No flaws have shown up yet.
The clear red finish is highly glossy and very scratch resistant.

I'm very satisfied with this guitar. It has made my playing sound better because it is a great sounding guitar and it makes me want to play more.

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gilles-coyote's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Parker Guitars P-38
Manufacture Korea.

-Bridge Fishman (finally Wilkinson with Fishman piezo in it).
22 frets.

Right-Channel ... end, fast, narrow and almost flat. A massacre.

A volume-all pickups, one volume for the piezzos, a tone all microphones. 5 position selector for the pickups (HSS config), so no surprise there but a small 3-position switch allows the passage of any microphones or any piezo mix 2. So, here it gets harder because by positron of this switch, the knobs change depending ... I have not completely understood. of way, me, that's all thoroughly.

- The microphones are all signed and it sounds Parker.

- The violin is generally excellent (mechanical including oil bath) and the finish is ifféprochable.


The handle? A slaughter, I tell you ... I have several scratches and have tried a hundred. This handle is the handle. Except 22 and not 24 boxes. Although access is very good, no gene for access to all wars.

Touching, moving, freight, key, s it all excellent.

The guitar is just over 2 kg and that, that's good too.
I do quickdraw the Les Paul for special occasions, given the versatility of Parker and more, there's no comparison.


While his side, I play everything. As a group, we played with the times (always with a smile, eh?), I needed a Start, a Les Paul, a Jackson, a folk or a dry ... I have them, it's not the issue (!!!), but a practical standpoint, all in one, that's fine. And there was not a duck (reminder for Dummies: The duck is flying, walking, running, swimming ... But he does everything wrong!). This guitar can do everything, without imitating. And besides, it gives confidence.


I use it since 2000. A little dashed at baseline and then assiduously. It has not yet been refrettée or surfaced yet, I had periods of 2 to 3 hours of play per day + gigs and repeated ...
No breakdown. Spitting, bellows or pinging.
Must say I'm careful.
The only downside about it: no fly box of origin. And no way to have a signed Parker ... The importer has changed 15 times and the current plants located in Pakistan Parker alongside those of Gibson ... So I opted for a standard tweed Stagg (who perfectly fulfills its purpose, for that matter) less flashy.

I have owned a lot of stuff. This is the one that gave me desire to play.
I do NOT sell. The les paul, yes. Stratum also, if necessary. But this, ever. For all the technical reasons listed above and all others that we have woven together. Hard to explain, this guitar is like an extension (I know, bo ... This is me, so ...)

I do it again this election. Better, I'll try to find a test for the Fly (I'll see what this button is carbon ...)

linn134's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Parker Guitars P-38
It is a high quality Corenne we l.
22 boxes of a handle screwed Saddle fairly flat and wide, without falling into either of excs. The hoop could not be more enjoyable, a rare perfection, agrment a rosewood fingerboard (rosewood) soft and well finished trs.
The body is said frne "slectionnquot; on the brochure from Parker, and I want to believe them: the wood is superb. The body is in two parts assembled Fawn symtrique ( the veins form a V at the collage), worked so that it is both an end under the right arm (for righties) and wider leg.


Question everything electronic we go: two from the simple stick and a double in bridge. The three are stamped "Parker", are they homemade or rebadge?
No matter, they agree perfectly with the violin.

As is often the Parker was right dose of a piezo, the P-38 does not droge RULES FISHMAN with an easel with five sensors. FISHMAN said is actually a good thought WILKINSON enriched pizos and then passes under the control of s Matre sensors.
To continue a few moments on the bridge, it s'avre that fawn vintage tremolo (Stratocaster-like) is a driver of the Wilkinson / Gotoh 510T, enriched with 5 sensors pizo: you know everything!


The dbattement the tremolo is pretty strait: a is in no way a floyd-rose!
Do not attempt to DLIR as you can afford on a floating tremolo if ... clang! Farewell the ropes.


Under potentiomtres I want the whole family: gnral Volume, Tone gnrale, volume pizo, slecteur 5 positions and a small (but strong) toggle-switch 3 positions to select only the microphones / microphone + pizo / pizo alone.
My only complaint is against the will tristres caps soft plastic knobs gray / black ... not drink but when the sea even, has stain.

What type of race?
Dja but I said, young man (or woman) ... screwed in with 4 points rglage the truss-rod base of the handle.

For what is the firm let CHARACTERISTICS: 9 / 10
With beautiful knobs c'tait the caps 10/10


The handle is pretty close to what we observe on the Parker United States.
I tend to say that I prfre that of my P-38 the beam of a Les Paul, but both are friendly and the use is not the same. We are in friendly: fairly flat, a little wide, not too steep ... caleons is like, if your size is for you.

Access in acute simple enough, simply get your hand down the sleeve: as you will not encounter any insurmountable obstacle you will come the same conclusion as me.
Ah ... you expect my conclusion on the handle? OK, then yes, you descend to the bottom without ppin.

Ergonomics sign Parker: purpose, lightweight and handy.
Parker form, typically. It is well in hand, let go quickly and will not kill your shoulders frles famlique guitarist. This is a guitar that should appeal to women, as it says no sexism: I'm not one (I know) and I feel comfortable. Against by a male is not like a large Les Paul with EMG above. But it is a guitar to move the fingers, if it's just to make palm-mute is a shame. M'enfin, do not give a painting a ballerina tutu haltrophile Soviet. (What I m'gare?)

Use copy: 10/10


In my lan to "return to roots", I started to acquire an Epiphone Valve Junior. I see you coming with your comments "What we amp because of its dwarf this clown?" Hola, patience my friends ... Or that little combo modest 5 OUATT zalampes given me want to autrechose tter as nag. Who says autrechose does not bal-musette and forcment varitoches, blues-rock and rock couillu are also possibilities. No, the times of Dick Rivers are not yet on the agenda, but who knows? Obviousness of all the little P-38 will adapt.

So grattoune a rock. Oasis rock nice fawn (nan, I'm kidding, it's Paupe a) the rock so nice variations a little wild, she displayed a beautiful polyvlance, without sacrificing time row on the altar of diversity. It was not beautiful??

In short: two pounds of rock slamming tlstratode, a few grams of punch with the powerful bridge pickup and an acoustic background with pizo. Jazz, rock, blues, fusion, feunque, etc ...

I admit I fell for the slamming of its pickups simple but I do not hide my pleasure to have a touch of roundness with double bob '.

Ten out of ten in full for a good instrument.


Since when do you use?
Since not long enough for me unfortunately.

I was among the few nice pices of mimine violin (the most ugly too). The P-38 is a beautiful animal, not too wild, but not too fiery dot of a certain personality.

What I like ergonomics, design and slamming that puts a nice slap to the United States a few Fender p I try. It is only my opinion, but I confess frankly that I prfre offer me three copies of the Parker one US Strat. Question and got intrt financial as good (and even better) for less, the calculation is done quickly.

Quality price ratio? -Norm!

With exprience ... I do not know, what I know is that I have AIM before!

hubb's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Parker Guitars P-38
Korean made with spices US, trs good finish, lgre. 22 frets to the neck which is more enjoyable than I think FLY and is a bit rounder than the FLY o the handle is too flat my taste.
The microphone is config H / S / S + the piezo Fishman, ideal for the versatility of the instrument. The output jack is stro allowing the Y-jack provided by Parker Sparer magntiques sound microphones and that of the piezo, but if you plug a mono jack on the guitar, the two his are shuffled, practical enough to play even without stereo jack.


Saying anything, you can do anything! I agree a tone lower and the guitar is once recalibrates toutjours as the road.


I play progressive mtal behind my ENGL Savage 60 with homemade cabinet with Celestion Vintage 30 team and G12T75 (type Uberschall Bogner) and big sound prcis ensured with the humbucker. To clean the parts, the piezo j'utlise much that one branch of sound with a bit of reverb is superb acoustic guitar sound with that particular grain of piezo Fishman ... The pickups sound pretty simple dlivrent warm thanks to the 5-way switch, you come out a wide range of sounds ...


I play with the little jewels for a year now and for me it IDAL guitar, I'm not ready to change, I have nothing repprocher him!
Nitefly Prods06/14/2005

Nitefly Prods's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Parker Guitars P-38
The Parker P38 hybrid is certainly the best designed of all time. all rooms that make up it comes straight from the United States and are mounted kore (for a price drop, you will understand). finish is very good. it weighs less than 2 KG (very pleasant when you have a 3 hour concert repertoire). sounds are exeptional and come home PARKER. the handle has a rosewood fingerboard of the highest quality (very few scratches like ebony) and comprises 10 percent carbon.


It's been several months since I have the pleasure and honor to play on parker and honestly, the difference between FLY and P38 is more than minimal. It consists of two simple microphones (Parker), double (Parker) and a Fishman piezo. the whole is of course active, since all the system is powered by a preamplifier (itself powered by a battery 9volts) fishman.Un 3 position knob selects for the desired config (microphones, piezo, or a hybrid position halfway between electronics and acoustic). they have more a 5-way switch (used in hybrid mode and micro), a piezo volume (used in hybrid mode and piezo), a micro volume (tone used in hybrid mode) and tone (which serten mode hybrid and micro). All this to say that it is a exellent guitar deserves is of interest. The piezo sound out a beauty equal to a "real" acoustic


The P38 is a guitar for every playing style (I am mainly metal) and electronics have no problem what you asked. obtained in the neck position sounds worthy of the round and velvety fameus lacecensor of F. .. st and bridge (humbucker) of distos has pantera (with still a good setting on the BOSS GT8).


There is nothing to say about this guitar except that it does not have a driver but a race Bolt. the price is also regrettable, since for a "low-end parker" would cost 1000 euros. but it (for my taste), fender and sprayed company. I put 9 in total for two reasons that I have to state