PRS SE Billy Martin
PRS SE Billy Martin

SE Billy Martin, Other Shape Guitar from PRS in the SE Signature series.

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tjon901's review"Almost cool signature guitar"

PRS SE Billy Martin
This is the PRS SE signature guitar for the guitarist in the band Good Charlotte. I am not familiar with the band but I guess they are popular enough for their guitar player to get a PRS signature. PRS is a high end guitar maker known for their super expensive guitars made for professionals and collectors. They recently started to try and change this image with their SE line. The SE line of guitars is a line of PRS guitars that are made overseas to much of the same specs. Its kind of like their version of Epiphone. It was smart of them to make this guitar in the SE line because I bet most fans of this guy and his band would not be able to afford a full USA made PRS. With this guitar you get a mahogany body with a set mahogany neck. The neck has a 22 fret rosewood fretboard. The inlays are an ugly green color with a bat at the 12th fret instead of a bird or a dot. The whole guitar has a matte black finish which is very smooth. You get PRS tuners up top and a PRS wraparound bridge. PRS has refined their wraparound bridge for many years so it is usable now. The pickups are dual humbucking PRS SE pickups. The controls are simple with a volume and tone with a 3 way switch.


There arent any real playability differences between this and a normal PRS SE, but this is good because the normal model already plays great. It has PRS's wide-thin neck profile which feels a lot like a 60s Gibson profile. The wrap around bridge is a great setup and matches well with the 25 inch scale. PRS guitars always seem to have better intonation than other guitars even with their seemingly simple bridge setups. On many guitars with bridges like this the intonation is bad but PRS has figured out how to design their bridges to where the design is simple but the intonation is correct. The setneck joint is nice and slim so you can play all the way up on the neck. The satin finish gives a smooth feel which is good on the neck. Again with all these PRS models I hate how far away the pickup selector is. I wish they would put them closer to the rest of the controls.


This guitar sounds no different than any other PRS SE with normal PRS SE pickups. This is turning out to be a pretty lame signature guitar overall. The pickups are decently hot and clear. The pickups PRS puts in these import guitars are better than most stock import pickups but they are still not on par with good aftermarket pickups. The neck pickups has a pretty smooth sound but does get muddy if you use a lot of gain or drive. The bridge pickup has a clear and open sound. You can get a real singing sound if you play leads on the bridge position.


This isnt the way to do a signature guitar. This guitar was pretty close to being cool. A PRS SE with a matte black finish would have been cool. But they had to go and add the stupid green inlays. If I was the guitar designer and Billy Martin told me to put green inlays on the guitar I would have slapped him. They probably lost a ton of sales just because of them. But that is the only thing that makes it a signature guitar I guess. They could have just made a black PRS SE and not put his name on it. I am sure it would have sold a lot more than this signature. If you are a Billy Martin fan by all means buy it. If you are just looking for a good solid PRS SE get a normal one there is nothing special here to be found other than green inlays.

chucprophet's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PRS SE Billy Martin

nebs's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PRS SE Billy Martin
This is the most expensive of the PRS factory in Korea but also the best. The price difference of 200 euros of Billy Martin and Santana SE is explained by the quality of the mic mounts on Billy Martin: it sends serious! The output level is close to the EMG 81 while keeping a lot of heat.
The violin is no exception:
- Solid mahogany body
- Coll fast neck and comfortable
- Matte black color very class.

The PRS is widely Superior my Gibson SG both at the micro level that violin. She has a phenomenal potato. I bought 600 euros on the internet but after several months of play, I must say it is well worth double or triple the price.


A super comfortable and ultra fast neck well finished. It is also good for playing solos for enchaner the snarling riffs.
The guitar is a Idale shape. Access to acute super easy.
Immediately we get big sound.


I play a bit of all styles as it is MUSCL and this guitar is a muscle ball.
The output level is phenomenal, almost 2 times the Gibson, ideal for playing hard rock, punk or Mtal. But also very good for blues.
- The neck pickup is puncher and round, it is standard, while the conjugate mahogany violin that gives a crazy sustain. Each note is a punch in the face of the listener!
- The bridge pickup is sharp, stout, has sent wood. It is rare, nasty, overpowering!
In short, it's a guitar to beat up box, a machine gun.

The SECOND face of the guitar: Gibson blues fawn, round and velvety on the rappeux handle on the easel, it's really pleasant to blues and fawn Hard Blues ZZ Top.

The light is beautiful with its depth and a warm tone.

In short even if this guitar is DETAILEDREPORT for furious rock, she reveals very versatile.


I was able to compare a custom Prs 22 USA 2500 euros, and the billy martin is more powerful, more corpulent! The price of 600 euros is amazing.
A wild guitar!
Perfect finish. I greatly prefers my Gibson SG in power and playing comfort.

nooki's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PRS SE Billy Martin
Korea Manufacturing
. Solid mahogany body
. Set Mahogany neck / rosewood fingerboard 22 frets, format 'Wide Fat' overlays 'Spooky Bat'
. Diapason 25
. Radius 10 "
. 2 humbucking pickups PRS
. 1 volume / 1 tone / 3-position selector
. StopTail PRS
. PRS mechanical oil bath
. Black hardware
. Colours: Black

very good finish PRS nothing to say bravo!


The mahogany set neck gives a very nice game.

this guitar gives a very good access to acute.

body shape is smooth, hence the guitar is very well balanced.
Playing comfort sitting and standing excellent (it is rather light so it does not break your back like a les paul home Gibbons).
Personally I love the look PRS
The PRS SE Billy Martin to a look rather plain.
The green dots on the handle and the bat donnnent him a little fantasy and orinalité and contrast well with the rest of the guitar.

Different mic positions are felt.
In high position, a sound with a lot of bass
Middle position both pickups are affected
In the down position gives a more "funky" more slamming short we do not mix brush with these three positions that differ much.


I play a little bit of everything I have a metal band but I also play rock punk rock to pop rock ... but the blues bossa ... brief is quite varied and the grate is well suited to what I play. it is really versatile, of course it will not sound like a BC Rich or Jackson for metal but it defends itself not bad. (I play on a mass at lamp) and it makes me rage when I see strong typed "punk" !

I thought that if the sound does not follow I would change the pickups. it's been almost a year I use it I do not yet have changed as they should sound like.

PRS SE Billy Martin has a sound with a lot of bass and crystal high position, slamming down position.
the sound is warm and clear (it does not bleed too general in PRS) notes that are round ansi harmonics


Frankly for the price I paid (about 400 euro) is a very good finishes are grate Nikel and the sound is fairly correcte.Deplus polivalantes.
ca not replace it on the big model from PRS but it was a great guitar game environment.
for those spineless middle of a grate game corretce that want the look and PRS rush!
legende 4209/01/2006

legende 42's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PRS SE Billy Martin
Korea manufacture licensed prs
22 frets rosewood fingerboard with green dot inlay has the bat box 12
2 prs design humbuker
3 position selector
stop bar bridge
nice round
1 volume, 1 tone


Access to acute is no problem
body shape is nice, the guitar is very well balanced may have been sitting without any problems, ease of play up is the easiest
the sound is easily obtained vut that knob is only 2. Too bad he did not 1 tone knob for each microphone (8 because I put a second tone knob would have been welcome and I do not call for 10 to is not an American nor is all relative)


It suits my style of music. I play punk rock (good charlotte, sum 41, green day ...) the blues (gary moore ...) of metal (rammstein. ..) hard rock (Lord, ac dc ...) tell me that 'we can not do the blues with a guitar signed by Good Charlotte guitarist who plays mostly punk rock through well if the distortion and lowering the volume of the guitar to remove the gain. but it binds only half!
I play a marshall mg 50 dfx but I tested it on a jcm 2000. I use a Rocktron Metal Planet Distortion (but do not trust the name is misleading)
I use three sound. handle that gives a round, velvety to the beast, the middle position gives a warm and bridge position has a slamming his wish, crystalline


Its will soon be two months that I use and I'm not dessu
versatility of a good game, it does not matter esthtétique lack charm
I try a lot of other models before buying it and I can tell you that it was love at first sight
against her by making could have been us but it was not the same price
value for money is exellent
With experience and money I would spend the middle high end but not the choice I would do so

daddyharry's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PRS SE Billy Martin
It's a beautiful little Prs made in Korea and up and verifies States in the workshops of the famous Mr. Smith.

It is with pleasure that I reached over to this little beauty has nothing to envy her sisters had my faith more onreuses.
N'tant not at all a fan of Punk and even less Good Charlotte, I test this model only because aesthetics that I was excited about the clean look if pest.

The body is mahogany as the neck, rosewood fingerboard topped with a bat "customizes" the tastes of BM, my faith the most beautiful effect.
The guitar is black satin as the handle.
Regarding electronics, PRS has the simplicity as given that the pop-punk sorry for those who love, not calling for regulation of monster guitars, it is arranged a micro switch, volume and general tonalite.
The handle is made of 22 squares and the pitch of 25 '.
The sign is still acastillage PRS which is not prohibitive as there's no-Tone Home guys! - The mechanical oil bath, all in black please.
Pass the test.



-As you can imagine, the guitar plugged into my Marshall MG100, the sound is typ typ Punk.Et but then it is normal.Mais scratches with this, we do than that, no other choses.C is also the one of its defects. We will not complain either.
Regarding the clear sound, it is perfectly respectable, with sweet overtones and balanced, and no peak of his game at Accor or we will risk a play like a nag.

Getting Started:

-The handle is very comfortable and the guitar is very balanced, double-cut the treble makes us easier to play, although they are a bit garish, and the bass are not very present.
In conclusion, the BM is a Punk guitar, made only so if you play punk or pop upsets: p look no further. For others who seek that has the look is perfect for others who seek a more versatile, go yer ch'min



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